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7 things to do before 7 A.M.

Even if you are not a morning person, the ‘wee hours’ before your day starts can serve as a golden opportunity to make your day productive, lively, and smooth. How you spent your morning decides how your day would be. So stop scrolling your phone in the morning or being lazy to get up, make sure to follow these 7 tips to make your day successful and bright. You will feel a positive difference in your life following these tips.



  • Lemon water – the practice of healthy beginning


The health benefits of drinking lemon water as soon as you get up are endless. It will level up your energy both physically and mentally. It will improve the nutrient absorption in your body and give you a natural energy buzz that will last the whole day.



  • Breakfast – The practice of mindfulness


Eat your breakfast with mindfulness. It means just focusing on eating and not getting distracted by other activities. Do not watch TV or use your phone or don’t even read books while eating. Researchers say that our brain isn’t developed to multitask. When we do two things at a time our brain switches very fast from one task to the other. So while having your breakfast make sure not to do any other thing at the same time and eat with mindfulness. 



  • Sudoku – The practice of waking up the brain


Sudoku is indeed a game and it may not be the best thing for you to do in the morning. But it will help to increase your memory and will make your logical thinking grow. The game also stimulates the brain, reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. It will help you be more focused in your life.



  • Journal – the practice of reflection


Journaling will help you relax and will save you from going into depression by lifting your spirits. Just take a diary and start writing. You can either write anything that comes to your mind or write to express gratitude for the person you have developed into. You will ultimately feel the difference and will feel motivated to get better.



  • Read – the practice of finding pleasure 


To live the life of your dreams and achieve success reading is a must. So make sure to inculcate reading habits in your daily routine. You will enjoy this habit and it will provide you with many benefits as well. 



  • Work – the practice of working on your dream


While most people sleep at this time, you have to start working on your dreams to get ahead in life. Getting up early and working is a recipe shared by the world’s renowned people. You have to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams



  • Exercise – the practice of making yourself energetic


For a fresh, healthy, and energetic day exercise regularly. Go out for a run, lift weights, swim, practice yoga, meditate, and many more. This will also reduce stress, boost your immune system, energize you, keep you happy, and will protect you from many diseases. 


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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