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Aashish Bhardwaj’s journey as an influencer and YouTuber

Aashish Bhardwaj belongs to a family occupied with jobs rather than putting themselves into any sort of business. However, Aashish was the first man from his family to break the bars and choose an MBA degree for himself, rather than sticking to any mediocre job. He preferred to switch to entrepreneurship.

He did wonders by being a financial advisor, then he switched to marketing and later performed his duties as a scriptwriter. No doubt, he makes the correct use of his degree by utilizing his abilities in the practical field.

At present, Aashish Bhardwaj is working for various YouTube channels but is best known for his scripts written for “Sibbu Giri.” This YouTube channel is one of India’s leading comedy and entertainment channels, where millions of people enjoy the content. A girl named Sibbu Giri is operating the channel, but Aashish himself handles the dialogues and script.

The channel, Sibbu Giri, was launched two years back, but they are doing wonders in a short duration. There is not even a single video that hasn’t crossed a million views. People constantly support their work, which inspires Aashish to write more for the channel.

The idea behind the creation of this channel is to provide ultimate entertainment, and Aashish is doing so through his writing skills. Where each time, he showed up even more exciting than before. Videos on Sibbu’s YouTube channel revolve around the concept of daily incidents happening with boys and girls and their most expected behaviors.

The channel has crossed millions of views just because of the presentation of innovative ideas in each video. One can see Aashish’s dedication towards his work in his videos and how he represents everyday life stuff funnily. Not only this, this man has an extensive reading interest in books that gives him the right amount of knowledge to deal with the world and wisdom to tackle situations.

Aashish Bhardwaj is also the founder of sociopool, a platform connecting influencers with different brands and letting people explore everything they desire on a single platform. This era is all about social media and presenting your talent through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. And this man makes the correct use of it rather than wasting his time scrolling.

He is connected with hundreds of influencers and social media experts, sharing his ideas among them. This man’s work is getting improved with time, and he is gaining enough out of it.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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