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Chirag Sheth, 21-Year-old changes World’s thoughts on Leadership

Chirag Sheth

Known as the World’s Youngest leadership Speaker, Chirag Sheth, is a 21-year-old from Mumbai. His numerous talks on leadership have inspired a lot of people around the world. His class-apart ideologies about corporate leadership, daily leadership, and Youth empowerment are what made him stand out from the crowd.

He says, ‘Good leaders don’t focus on getting more followers, they focus on creating more leaders.’

His seminars are quite simple to understand and relatable to every person that attends them. He currently has 18,000 followers on Instagram and has delivered 100+  lectures to more than 45000 people.

Here’s what Chirag has to say about Leadership,

“I am very inspired by people and companies that are leading the world presently. Not only in terms of profit or money, but the inspiration they create amongst people. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela inspire people on a daily basis. Their actions are full of dedication, passion and inspire people to become like them. As I always say, Leaders do not focus on getting people to follow them, they inspire people with their actions and make them leaders of tomorrow.”

The 21-year old, who was recently placed on LA Wires 30 Under 30 has been an inspiration to students around the globe. Consulting start-ups and people on how to lead the road is not common for someone his age but Chirag has been doing it for the past 2 years.

In this Interview with Indian Saga, Chirag said, “People who are behind more followers and Companies who are chasing more profits are going to fail in the long run. Because they are running behind materialistic things. If we get people to believe in us through our actions, they become loyal followers. They learn from us; they trust us and support us. And this is what Leadership is all about.”

Leadership is something that can be easily be spoken about, but when it comes to actions seldom do people prove themselves as leaders. But during the pandemic, when most of the people out there were depressed and mentally exhausted, Chirag Sheth put his step forward and conducted more than 250+ virtual counseling sessions to help people overcome their mental exhaustion. We at Indian Saga feel extremely proud and happy to see young people like Chirag do their part to make the world a better place to live in.

You can follow Chirag on Instagram: Chirag Sheth

By TIS Staffer
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