“End Of The Rope”- A thrilling narration by Shaurya Arya-Kanojia

Shaurya Arya-Kanojia

“End Of The Rope” is a thrilling narration by Shaurya Arya-Kanojia. It is a story of two ladies Advana Naidu and Taishna Sen. Advana, a 70-year-old lady who has been lonely for so many years calls for a caretaker and that’s when she comes in contact with Taishna. Advana is full of life and talkative even at an age when life starts to feel dull and without purpose. When they meet each other, they start their conversation over a cup of tea. They start to talk about general things but as and when both open up it gets really interesting to read further. They have conversations about their present, their past and all the other things, even their secrets. Soon they find that they are somehow connected to a mystery.

Set in Advana’s living room, which forms the setting of the book, and documented in the form of a conversation between the two protagonists. The book has the general perception of keeping the readers hooked till the very last page as they attempt to unravel the central mystery: What binds the two women together?

Shaurya Arya-Kanojia is the author of the psychological thriller novella, End of the Rope, published by Locksley Hall Publishing, and has received favourable reviews on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. His fictional story, titled ‘Shadow of the Star,’ also found its way in the 59th issue of Muse India, a literary e-journal.

“Intriguing conversations are the perfect fodder for a good story. And that’s what, at the heart of it, End of the Rope is all about: a conversation that, through its twists and turns that weave through the divergent (yet largely similar lives) of its characters, becomes wayward.”

Shaurya, author.

“Shaurya’s plots are extremely taut and full of twists & turns. The ability to stun readers when you least expect it is his hallmark and the faith shown by Locksley Hall Publishing and the rave reviews given by the readers have reaffirmed our faith in this project, and we have signed him for another book.”Suhail Mathur, Bestselling Author & co-founder, The Book Bakers Literary Agency.

The Delhi based writer with an experience of more than nine years in the content development industry, Shaurya currently works as a Content Writer at College Pond, a career and admission counselling company. His professional experience also encompasses working as a Content Writer in a freelance capacity and writing and editing articles pertaining to arts and lifestyle.

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