Five dumbest things you heard about weight loss

          Are you trying to lose weight but not getting anywhere? It may be because you are buying into common misconceptions about weight loss. These days everyone wants to look slim and trim and to attain it, people work very hard toward this. To look  in a desired form people also adopt different methods to reduce their body weight. Some people want to attain it within a night or within a week and with this thinking people play with health.

Many people think of different ways to lose weight quickly. And in this hurry somehow they create problems for their body. Like people skip food to look slim within a week. Here’s a list of few of those myths:



  • Myth- if you want to reduce your weight, you will have to be hungry.


   Fact- it is completely wrong that if you want to reduce your weight, you have to be hungry. Hunger cannot reduce your weight or maintain your body. You may think that skipping meals and snacks results in weight loss. But by this, you only get the frustration, irritability, going off your diet, and quickly regaining weight because you can not keep yourself hungry for a long period. And to remove your hunger you will eat more food as compared to your decided diet.



  •  Myth-Avoid eating healthy foods


Fact- it is completely wrong that if you want to lose weight then avoid eating healthy foods because healthy foods contain more fat. Even you have to eat healthy food because healthy foods are full of fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins, and a plate full of all of these will always keep you disease-free. Healthy foods in a proper diet never help you in gaining weight.



  • Myth-Food that tastes good is always bad for your health


Fact- if you think that healthy foods taste bland and that highly processed, sugary, and fatty foods taste good, then your taste buds may need a change. Added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and man-made fats can hijack your taste buds. Once you start eating more natural foods, your taste buds come to appreciate it.



  • Myth- Completely skip the carbohydrates


Fact-you can not quit carbohydrates if you want a healthy diet. Foods that contain a good amount of carbohydrates are beans, grains, fruits, etc. and without carbohydrates, your body can not enjoy a healthy diet. And which results in body weakness. so it is completely wrong that if you skip carbohydrates from your plate you will lose weight in a rapid manner



  •   Myth- If you eat and exercise consistently you will never gain weight


  Fact- you need to make lifestyle changes according to your age and as per the requirement of your body.  Your metabolism will continue to slow down and gradually more over the years, so always keep your food and exercise flexible.

Sudden changes in your food and exercise will not suit your body and also create harm to your body. And before trying to adopt any change in food and exercise, always be concerned with a health expert.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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