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Five munchies that will make you feel nostalgic

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling; whenever we sit ideally, we just go down memory lane and get flashbacks of everything we used to do at some particular time. We also realize that we no longer do so many things that we used to do. There are so many tv shows, candies, chips, games, etc., that are not a part of our life anymore. However, it does not matter if they are no longer part of our lives. They still have a significant impact on our minds. Keeping that in mind, down below, we have mentioned a few munchies that will make you go back to the good old days. 



  • Phantom Sweet Cigarettes 



If you were a rebellious kid just like we were, you would have definitely tried to act cool with these Phantom Sweet Cigarettes. These sweet cigarettes are made up of corn syrup, sugar, cornflour, gelatin and contain added colors and flavors. If you are craving this, you should go and check out that ‘choti kirane ki dukan’ near your house or search for it on Amazon. 



  •  Parle Mango Bite 



The OG Mango Bite tastes as if Frooti is turned into hard candy and if we think then this actually makes sense because Parle produces them both. They taste so good that as soon as this toffee goes inside our mouths, we feel like cloud nine. Also, these toffees were considered the best ones to distribute amongst our classmates on our birthdays and remember how we used to give more to our best friends; those were the days.



  • Cadbury Bytes 



The one snack that has everyone’s heart is the Cadbury Bytes. The delicious snack is filled with chocolate that just makes your taste buds happy as soon as they get into your mouth. Even writing about them makes us crave them, and we are sure that reading about them makes you crave them too. Please, someone, ask Cadbury chocolates to bring back this missing piece of our hearts. 



  • Haldiram’s Boletos Chips 



Why is it so that everything we like gets discontinued? Someone tell these companies that it breaks our hearts. Another people’s favorite snack that got finished is the Haldiram’s Boletos Chips. If you are someone who likes to eat spicy chips, then these must have been your favorite for sure. 



  • Jelly Phones 



OMG, it is absolutely not possible to make a list about nostalgic snacks and not include Jelly in our inventory. The creativity and the whole concept behind this are super cute. Phone-shaped small containers were filled with flavored jellies like orange, lemon, strawberry, and many more. These unique container jelly bottles were used to attract many kids, and eventually, they made a place in everyone’s hearts. 


So this was our list of munchies that make us feel nothing but nostalgic. Do not forget to share your favorite snacks from this list. Also, if you find any childhood snacks in stores, do let us know so that just like you, we can also run to the store and grab them before they are gone. 


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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