Manisha Ranawat’s “Jahaan” hitting the floor in Feb 2022

Manisha Ranawat’s “Jahaan” hitting the floor in Feb 2022

Love genre films fulfil as great retreats and fantasies for modern audiences, especially if the two finally overcome their difficulties, declare their love, and experience life “happily ever after”, inferred by a reunion. Manisha Ranawat, a writer, director and producer, and the production company owner of MD International, is currently working on ‘Jahaan’. Love is the eternal energy through which the heart survives.

Jahaan, Unstoppable Love that never ends, has a fantastic star cast, including Anupama Agnihotri. Rajkumar Kanojia is known for his comedic roles in numerous regional and international movies and Bhaiyaji Shyamlal. It will be thrilling to see their on-screen performance and chemistry. It is nicely filmed, with excellent cinematography. 

The plot is a very heady and straightforward mixture of true love. The movie was shot extensively in India while a schedule took place in Dubai. Filming was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shoot will resume in February 2022 and be released later that year. It is quite a high-budget movie as the shooting was stalled and will resume again.

Passion, vision, and drive are qualities that make a great filmmaker, and Manisha has it all. In the world of cinema, she personifies the word pioneer. Keeping everything in mind, she has challenged Jahaan to be the best movie of all time and be liked by people across all the spectrum and of all age groups. Manisha Ranawat, the youngest filmmaker of Bollywood, is a person who understands many technological elements that make a great film. ‘Jahaan’ is a love story that usually revolves around an obstacle that prevents deep and true love between two people. 

Manisha chose to release this movie in theatres and not on OTT platforms. In her opinion, the audience can’t get the feel of cinemas sitting at home. They positively prefer to watch movies in a theatre. She prefers it to support the film industry. Also, the energy while watching movies in a theatre is unbeatable. Manisha Ranawat’s own production company, MD International, has also proclaimed to create significant new projects despite the pandemic time.

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