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“My Heart Goes On” series by Ukiyoto Publishing dazzled Valentine’s month with numerous writers declaring their love via letters.

“My Heart Goes On” series by Ukiyoto Publishing dazzled Valentine’s month with numerous writers declaring their love via letters.

My Heart Goes On ran several anthologies of precious letters in the month of February 2022 and gave the new writers much visibility and exposure. The best writer was provided with a pass for fine dining with her loved one.

Parikshit Sinha wrote a heartwarming piece for the volume Words That Remained Unsaid. “Hello You” is a candid expression of love from the mind to the soul of two inseparable lovers often at wit’s end with each other.

Roopal Arora contributed a touching piece called “Sparse” to another volume, Suspended Letters. The story embraces love, togetherness and acceptance and enriches the readers’ souls.

Another featurette of Words That Remained Unsaid is Srirupa Bose Roy. Her letter, “The Redemption,” is an honest expression of Ivin’s apology to the love of his life, Lily, as he wonders if it is too late for him to get a second chance.

In the volume Those Unsent Letters, Shruti Sinha brews nostalgia in her candy-sweet letter, “Hi Friend…” “Hey you beautiful, I want to relive those old days,” she says, taking a trip down memory lane.

For Words That Remained Unsaid, Sankalita Roy wrote “An Imaginary Love Letter.” Her piece is an intimate take on expectations from a lover, a letter to pen down the true efforts it requires to find and commit to “the one.”

Bhawna Mishra for Those Unsent Letters wrote a poignant piece called “Oh, My Eternal Love” where she fiercely declares to her significant other that her love will not alter with time.


Nipsita Panda weaved magic in between her words to brew a potion of love in her letter “Glistening Way Through Woods” for the volume Suspended Letters.


Love can be as much bitter as it is sweet. Ipshita Mitra packed a letter signifying remembrances of a past in “An Unfolded Letter Sent to the Moon” in the Those Unsent Letters issue.


Purnima Dixit contributed to the same volume with “Billet Doux.” It’s a saccharine letter for a special one who touched your heart like no one else ever could.


Suspended Letters tells another moving tale of togetherness with Sanjh Sabharwal’s “Forever Love.” The letter is an honest admission of a forever kind of love to her partner.

For the volume My Feelings on the Paper, Avani Patel’s “Love at Last” encapsulates the journey we are willing to undertake in contemporary society through the medium of dating apps in our quest to find the one.

For the same volume, Tanmayi Arora devotes her letter, “Divine Confessions,” to God, her ultimate saviour. Her letter reflects the conversations about gratitude with the divine.

Another entry for My Feelings on the Paper is a letter perfumed with feelings and inked from the soul of the writer who goes by the pen name Juju’s Pearls. “We Will Rise in Love!” is a poignant effort to elevate a relationship to a higher orbit in a dimension of unconditional love, acceptance and faith.

Aritra Chakraborty penned a moving letter for the volume Halted Words. “The Unposted Letter,” as the title suggests, is an unsent confession to a lost love.

Kuntala Bhattacharya sprinkled a pinch of longing to Words that Remained Unsaid with her letter “To My Beloved.” It’s a letter written by a lady to her beloved who she misses dearly while being away for work. It narrates how her life transformed being engaged with him.

“A Special Connection of Souls” written by Yashi for Suspended Letters is a special confession of love to another heart who is craving the same feeling of butterflies and unconditional love.

Pratiti Mehndiratta brings an interesting twist to My Feelings on the Paper with her fictional letter “Falling For You.” An introverted girl who finds it tough to speak her heart out describes the moments that made her life special.

For Those Unsent Letters, Neelam Verma painted a nostalgic picture of “Lake Temple” that enkindles imaginary moments of passionate love.

Tanvi Nishchal’s “Woes” for the same volume is an untamed account of love where she declares that “death can’t do us part.”

Supriya Parulekar spilled an emotional story in her letter “To the One I will Always Love” in Those Unsent Letters about the things left unsaid and emotions unexpressed for the sister she lost.

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