Noiant: Natural Skincare Alchemists, Beating Away The Skin Blues


Noiant is an up and coming vegan skincare brand pioneering in natural, safe and cruelty-free products. The green startup is making this right with its naturally constructed and environmentally sustainable ingredients. These ingredients bring a blend of sustainability, plant & nature friendly self-care, and skin-care solutions. An essential highlight has also been the aesthetic and eco-friendly packaging.

The product portfolio of five single products varying from Dermatologically-tested Foaming Cleanser, Hydrating Face Mist, Dewey Face Juice, Glowing Face Milk to Detoxifying Pink Clay Mask and nine buckets of combination all available on the official website An example of the exemplary performance of the startup could be the “Super Boost Duo” Bucket and its whopping average review of 4/5.

The “Super Boost Duo” Bucket is the ideal wake up refreshment routine for your skin. It is a combination of Noiant Face Milk Serum and Noiant Face Juice. The bucket is essentially focused on providing a nourished, spotless & blemish-free skin. Face Milk Serum is the perfect blend of natural ingredients like Aloe-vera, Green Tea and Tea Tree which helps get rid of inflammation and dryness to give your skin just the hydration, nourishment that it craves. Face Juice Oil is induced with grapeseed which helps diminish fine lines and protect your skin from sunburns altogether making the skin feel super hydrated.

The unique ingredients such as “Tea Tree + Green Tea” and  “Grapeseed” in both the products are making “Super Boost Duo” bucket irresistible among the skincare enthusiasts.

The raw materials of all the products offered by Noiant are sourced naturally and carefully based on their therapeutic properties to create the perfect potion of nature, all in all. The two co-founders, Rohan Bhalla and Parichay Bansal believe, this sourcing resonates with the ethos and brand value of Noiant.

With an extraordinary fragrance added to all their skincare products, Noiant is here definitely to stay and go a long way. Viewing the health issues and catastrophic climate changes, it is time we all also give up on chemicals which are rough on our skin (in the long run) and add to tons of toxic and harmful waste being released to the environment. From the ingredients used, to their suppliers and packaging, startups like Noiant are a wise choice as it gives people a chance to make ‘eco-conscious’ choices to live sustainably.

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