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Nurturing sustainability and empowering Women

Planet Green Online is a social startup dealing in sustainable products and fabric handcrafted by women. They provide a market to products made by rural and urban women. Different sustainable fabric-based products like pillows, clothing, table mats and wall hangings are being sold online by Planet Green Online with their unique designs and sustainable approach.

Their principalities of development are based on the ‘Be an Ecomaniac’ ideology. Planet Green Online is promoting the concept of sustainable fashion by replacing the commonly used cotton with hemp fabric. Supplying bulk wholesale quantities with the best qualities at affordable prices the startup is becoming a movement towards a greener future. They have a wide range of sustainable products available on their website such as Hemp masks, handmade hemp paper, bags, hemp bed sheets, jute wall hangings and cushion covers. These products are sustainable and lasts 4 times longer than cotton.

The journey of Planet Green Online started with Self Help Group (SHG) of rural and urban women who were trained in the art of stitching, embroidery, weaving and working with yarns. With these women, the founders of Planet Green Online embarked on the indigenous idea of making hemp fabric a global trend.

The team together is trying to solve two basic problems one is to empower the women at the bottom of the pyramid by providing them livelihood and protection of the environment. However, they are also preserving the cultural handicrafts industry in the process. Planet Green Online is working with skilful artisans, trained to make marketable designs and educated about the profits and use of Hemp fabric as a substitute for cotton. Apart from Hemp, they are also using Bamboo, Banana and Jute for making sustainable products.

Trying to reach the global markets, these women are turning into Homepreneurs with social security and a career to look forward to. While diving into efforts to make it happen, the company is providing women with a platform where they can work and take care of their household simultaneously. This resolved the issue of major withdrawals of women from work.

During the tough time of the pandemic, women became the breadwinners of the family finding security many other underprivileged families were deprived of.

“When this pandemic came into existence, I was broken as my husband lost his job, and the little savings we had were all finished. Planet Green Online has not only given me a life back but also helped me realize my worth. I feel confident and independent. My husband and mother-in-law are proud of me.”

-Savita Devi

(A Homepreneur from Planet Green Online)

Planet Green Online is equipped with a strong team with decades of experience in social development sectors like empowerment of women, education of children, environment and climate change. They leave no stone unturned to make the initiative more and more sustainable. They have also made their products equipped with benefits like thermal insulation, durability, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and comfortable. The Hemp bed sheets and pillow covers are known to reduce anxiety and induce good sleep.

The use of Hemp popularized the demand with growing awareness about its benefits like sustainability, hypoallergenic, UV rays protectant and pesticide-free growth. It is biodegradable, chemical-free and requires less water to grow compared to cotton. The other crucial point to consider is that every part of the Hemp plant is used in making different products which makes it zero-waste generating cultivation.


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