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Success sees only hard work and talent, says the profound singer Hemang Shah

Prosperity, the word that every human spends years longing for. But achieving the same is not as easy as falling off the log. However, do you want to know the perfect recipe for being a successful soul? Hemang Shah, the singer who wrote his own destiny, knows a thing or two about finding the address of success.

This young and ebullient personality started his career almost a decade ago. Hailing from Mumbai itself, it wasn’t a cakewalk for Hemang Shah to embark on his artistic journey. So how did he earn his fame?

Hemang Shah is a man of unshakeable dedication and commitment. He says, “Stop looking for success! Work towards your goals and be consistent with your passion because that’s when you take the first step towards your growth. And growth will eventually lead you to success.”

If you ask me, all I can say is… follow your fascination and seize every opportunity, big or small. Let people see what you have got. I spent years singing at small functions and kept doing that until I started to earn big events. Watching the insane response from people to my every song makes me feel successful,” Hemang Shah further added.

Though Hemang Shah had a soulful voice in his genes, we can undoubtedly say that he is the only one who came out with extra flying colours. From performing at college fests and local gatherings to presenting mind-boggling melodies, Hemang Shah has proven that sheer talent combined with steadfast dedication can bring success,

Not only are the singer’s songs heart-touching, but also his words are motivating. Hemang Shah has been an inspiration for people who want to follow their dreams and for every budding singer. He has sung songs like “High Rated Gabru,” “The Wakhra Song,” “Pani Da Rang,” “Ban Ja Rani,” “Saadi Gali Aaja,” etc.

We are confident that Hemang Shah’s clear thoughts might have ignited the fire in you to follow your passion.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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