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The winning streak continues for young Indian poet Pragya Gogoi

She might be just 20, but this talented, young lady is already making her mark in the field of contemporary Indian literature, winning hearts and breaking records. Adding another feather to her cap, Pragya’s debut book “Whispers of a Nyctophile” won the Best Poetry Book Award in a recently concluded National Book Awards Ceremony, the results of which were declared on the night of 10th May,2021. From the final 16 nominees, Pragya’s beautiful book grabbed the top spot, adding another trophy to her cabinet. “I am really happy with the love and appreciation pouring in for my book. Honestly, I never thought my book would come this far and get nominated for awards but it feels beyond overwhelming to see my work being honoured at the National level multiple times. For me, it’s not the awards that matter, but the confidence and joy that comes with every win, motivating me to dedicate myself towards my art with greater enthusiasm”, said Pragya after her win.

The budding writer, already ecstatic on being recently selected to the list of 100 Inspiring Authors of India, calls this award a cherry on the cake. She shares that the happiest moment in her literary journey was when she woke up one day to find her book being picked up by leading National Newspaper Hindustan Times to be listed among 13 most impactful reads in Indian Literature. “I was crying happy tears! I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was huge for me”, the young author said.  The joy only accelerated when OUTLOOK India and THE WEEK magazine picked up her book to their 10 Must-Read Recommendations list too.

Pragya started writing when she was in the third standard with no initial plans of pursuing a career in literature. However, as years rolled by, her write ups received immense appreciation from people who encouraged her to write books. It was in high school that she took up writing seriously, weaving tiny dreams of being a published author one day. Today, fulfilling her dream in a beautiful way, she describes how taking up engineering almost put an end to her dream. “It was difficult initially. I hardly had time to devote to literature with the piles of unceasing assignments, projects, exams and college work in a city so far away from home. I was also working in the technical department of my College Robotics team, where I designed and manufactured robots with my team for National and International Competitions, leaving me with no time to explore literature. So, I decided to bury my dreams and give up writing forever. But then, I met an angel in human form who was adamant that I shouldn’t give up a dream I had been weaving for so long when I actually had the calibre. The support, encouragement and strength from this person was so immense that I became more confident than ever to make a comeback and live my dreams no matter what. Today, I can only thank this person from the bottom of my heart for waking up the dead writer inside me because now that I think of it, every little achievement I have had is because of this comeback that he made possible. I think every artist needs an inspiration and a motivation factor for the successful continuation of their art and this person will always remain my biggest strength and inspiration”, says Pragya.

It needs no introduction that she created history by becoming the youngest Indian author to write a best-selling debut book in a span of just 3 days. On the work front, Pragya has already co-authored 10 poetry books besides her own debut and is actively writing for various magazines and media. She is writing her next 2 books out of which one is a romantic thriller and the other is her second volume of poems. While she is really excited about launching her next books, she is taking things slow owing to academics, being a pre-final year student and announced that her books would be released post her graduation. One can easily surmise that Pragya is definitely going to create a big name for herself in the Indian poetry world and is one of the most talented, contemporary Indian poets currently.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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