Living Life Through Lenses By Dr. Kumar B.G.

Dr. Kumar B.GDr. Kumar B.G

Living life is way beyond minting money and making a name for yourself. Surely they play a huge role in leading a successful life, but living in the moment is what life is all about and Dr. Kumar B.G knows this well. He is an accomplished doctor with an MBBS, MD from Government Madras Medical College, Chennai with an eye for photography . He is currently working in a corporate hospital in Trivandrum.

Passionate to be the change in society, he defied all the societal norms and today he is an amazing photographer whose talent is appreciated by a lot of people on social media. One can check out his work on instagram @thealphavoyager. With time and effort, the number of followers has increased significantly which allowed him to bag great collaborations. One of them is a small collaboration with Sony BBC earth on his social media handle. On asking about other features and collaborations, he says, “ I have collaborated with TripAdvisor for conducting a campaign after winning one of their travel photography competitions. To acknowledge my talent, the Tripoto community has featured my work in their social media handle.”

Striking a balance between his passion for travel photography and his profession as a doctor is more challenging than we can imagine. During this pandemic, Dr. Kumar B.G is working tirelessly to treat patients as a responsible frontline worker of the nation. He just recovered from a covid infection one month back and is already back at work .

Now that the pandemic is continuing to give us a tough fight, Dr. Kumar is not losing hope. Though he is on his toes when it comes to helping his patients, he is still following his passion as he plans his travels. Even though the places are yet to be revealed, it seems that his social media handle is going to be filled with amazing pictures. To date, he has traveled to many places including Egypt, the USA, Kenya, Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and the Maldives. His journey teaches all the aspiring professionals what it takes to live life through lenses and managing both their passion and profession.

By TIS Staffer
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