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Madhavgarh Farm: Your Ultimate Adventure and Relaxation Destination.

Madhavgarh Farm is a resort cum adventure park in Gurgaon, Haryana, just a short drive away from Delhi. It is an abode of activities and a great place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There are a plethora of things for you to do here which creates memories for a lifetime with your loved ones. The man behind this amazing venture is Mr. Harsh Yadav.

Madhavgarh Farm: Your Ultimate Adventure and Relaxation Destination.

Madhavgarh Farm

About the Owner

Harsh Yadav is a self-made, visionary and hardworking man from Gurgaon, Haryana. His journey is exemplary and an inspiration for many. It is a testament to notable achievements that a person can attain through dedication, perseverance and vision. He has diversified his business ventures into various sectors including healthcare, hospitality, fitness, animal welfare, agribusiness, hospitality and whatnot! With his various personal and professional expertise, Harsh has created a strong brand entity in Delhi – NCR.

While he was pursuing his education in BBA, LLB, and LLM from the reputed OP Jindal Global  and G. D. Goenka University. his consistency, commitment to excellence were clearly visible in his path to holistic professional growth. With persistent excellence in academics, he envisioned several key brands and brought his passion to life in the form of a healthcare setup.

He initiated Meditree, a renowned multi-speciality clinic providing top-notch healthcare facilities at affordable prices. Soon he wished to explore further in a different sector to bring life to his creative side, which led him to create the well-known Madhavgarh Farm, a popular theme park in Gurgaon. In the creation of Madhavgarh Farm, Harsh combined his passion and profession by building a place that provides exposure to the ethnic culture of India majorly Rajasthani and Haryanvi Culture along with the amenities of the contemporary world. Through Madhavgarh farm he helps in boosting tourism, wellness and hospitality with the essense of sustainability in his practices.

His enterprises showcase the same values of perseverance, determination, hard work, and dedication that Harsh had always followed from his childhood. He has invested nearly half a decade in all his ventures at the ripe age of just 26 years. Within this short span of time, he has become a reputed businessman and a well-known advocate. He has a vision of scaling up his ventures to Pan India.

How Madhavgarh Farms Is An Exponential Adventure Park?

Madhavgarh Farms is popularly known as an adventure park because it is filled with such activities for people of all ages from infants to adults. Madhavgarh also aims to practice sustainability in its operations, which is also showcased to children to understand its benefits. Madhavgarh is also a wheelchair friendly place, keeping in mind the requirements of all age groups to ensure complete comfort and have a memorable experience.

When it comes to activities, there are unending options available to choose from for everyone. Some of the adventurous activities are:

  1. Zip Line
  2. Rope Climbing
  3. 25-Course Aerial Adventure Park
  4. Woody Wave
  5. Cat Walk
  6. Commando Net
  7. Burma Bridge
  8. Tarzan Swing
  9. Rock Climbing and Rappelling Wall
  10. Highest Commando Net

You can take part in all/any of these challenging activities to have a thrilling experience.


Along with a variety of activities, Madhavgarh Farms is also an abode of numerous games. These include indoor games as well as outdoor games. Practicing or playing games on weekends with your family or friends is a great way of giving your body some time to work out whilst having quality time with your loved ones. Mentioned below are some of the many games in which you can indulge in at Madhavgarh:

  1. Kho-Kho
  2. Sack Race
  3. Ludo
  4. Chess
  5. Carrom
  6. Kabaddi
  7. Archery
  8. Dart
  9. Gulel
  10. Kushti
  11. Latto
  12. Trampoline
  13. Badminton
  14. Volleyball
  15. Confined Soccer
  16. Cricket
  17. Tug of War

Out of the games mentioned above, Kho-kho, Sack Race, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Cricket and Tug of War are great games to play with large groups of people such as with your entire family or group of friends. They are also loved by the corporate groups for Team building activity along with others. In ludo, chess, carrom, kabaddi dart, archery and Gulel, kushti you can compete either against each other in the group or with the guests at the farm. All of these games are enjoyable and exciting for all age groups.

Instructor Led Activities

It is true that all the activities, games and sports are fun to take part in but some activities require the attention of an instructor ensuring safety and fair play. Madhavgarh Farm has all sorts of activities, the ones that require an instructor and the ones that don’t. This is why it is among the top weekend destinations near Delhi. Mentioned below are those activities that require the guidance of an instructor:

  1. Plank Walk
  2. Ball Balance
  3. Blind Ball Retrieval
  4. Stepping Stone
  5. Spider Web
  6. Pass the ring

In the presence of an instructor, you can freely enjoy all the activities with your group while ensuring your safety as it is of utmost importance to Madhavgarh.  


Madhavgarh Farm is famous because of the exposure to Haryanvi and Rajasthani rural life in its activities. Tourists love to visit Madhavgarh Farm because of its rural activities and rustic charm. You will get to experience what it feels like living in the village, amidst the natural surroundings of Aravali Range.

To give an authentic experience of rural life we also provide different types of rural activities. These include the following:

  1. Bird and Animal Feeding
  2. Agriculture
  3. Dairy and Farming
  4. Pottery making & Painting
  5. Charkha
  6. Chakki
  7. Tube Well Bath
  8. Mud Bath

You can try your hand at all these activities. Take home the beautiful artifacts you will make at the pottery stall. There are different rides available as well. These are as mentioned below:

  1. Bullock Cart Ride
  2. Tractor Ride
  3. Camel Cart Ride
  4. Lakarbugga Ride

You are bound to enjoy these rides. Participating in all these activities will help you experience the ethnic culture as well. There are many other experiences to immerse yourself in as well.

Team Building Activities

To teach the kids, corporates and groups the team spirit we provide the following activities:

  1. Human Ladder
  2. Path Finder
  3. Tube Potential
  4. Virtual Volley
  5. Clap
  6. Vertical Limit Game
  7. Magic Mats
  8. Confined Soccer
  9. Five Point Star
  10. Perfect Square

If you choose to visit Madhavgarh Farm for the weekend getaways near Delhi then you get to enjoy all of these activities as you will need at least two days to explore all the activities available at Madhavgarh Farms. Madhavgarh also provides these activities for Day Outing near Delhi which will include a variety of food options and activities.

Water Fun

Water Fun at Madhavgarh Farm includes Rain dance, separate swimming pool for adults and kids along with exciting water slides. You can also dance and enjoy with your group in the rain shower dance with live Dj and have a fun filled pool party. All of this makes Madhavgarh Farms one of the top picnic spots in Delhi NCR.


Madhavgarh Farms has accommodation facilities that provide rustic charm along with modern amenities. The design, setting and infrastructure are of rural style for guests to relax and unwind at night while connecting with the rural roots. In the morning visitors can go on nature walk to enjoy the serene environment and breathtaking views of the Aravalli Hills. Followed by a delicious breakfast made from organic, locally sourced ingredients from the nearby Farms.

Indian Traditional Food at Lunch and Evening Snacks are also provided by Radha Rasoi at Madhavgarh Farms.


Madhavgarh Farms spreads over acres of land and thus makes up for the finest event venue. It is a great place for weddings and to host any kind of party, function or event. The view of the Aravalli Hills, natural and rejuvenating environment, well-established farm and resort, all make it the best place for all sorts of parties, functions, ceremonies and events.

Madhavgarh has been also known to organize events, weddings, ngo outing, corporate events, film making and more.

Summing it up

Clearly, Madhavgarh Farm serves almost all the purposes of an exponential farmhouse at a mesmerizing location. Mr. Harsh has created one of the best places for families, friends, corporate groups, school students,, teachers and everyone to have a gala time. It has a live DJ, other recreational and relaxing activities as well such as Folk dance performances, Mehndi Design, head massage and many other activities. Madhavgarh also celebrates all festivals by organizing an events which can be enjoyed by the guests. In conclusion, you should definitely visit Madhavgarh Farms with your loved ones to experience it all yourself.


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