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Meet Avinav Yadav, Under 19 player with excellent batting skills from Kathmandu

Meet Avinav Yadav, Under 19 player with excellent batting skills from Kathmandu

When a person reaches their teenage years, they strive to become the person they have always imagined themselves to be, and they even strive harder to achieve that objective. Avinav Yadav is one of such living his dreams as he is one of those people who can hit every ball perfectly.

A 17-year-old boy from the small village of Madar in Nepal's Siraha district aims to be a great cricketer and make his country proud. He has been playing for Kathmandu Golden (DPL), in the Dhangadhi Premier League. DPL is a Twenty20 cricket franchise league in Nepal. The competition was started in 2017 by the Dhangadhi Cricket Academy and Sudur Paschim Academy.

He has also played in the BIRGUNJ premier league, College cricket league, and Khukhuri cup, in addition to the DPL. He even plans to compete in all of Nepal's tournaments. He is a right-handed batsman, like Virat Kohli who is his inspiration, which offers him an advantage over left-handed hitters in terms of playing the ball with ease. He plays with zeal,
assessing each ball and determining the type of hit that is required.

He's not only a fantastic batsman, but he can also bowl off-break. As a result, he's a fully
functional player.

He began playing at the age of 11 and is continually attempting to develop and upgrade his skills as time goes on. Seeing so many young people committed to the country's future is motivating. “Champions never sleep because their immortal spirit keeps them up and aware,” he said when asked about his cricket intake when he is not on the field. This confirms our suspicions that he has loftier goals in life, such as international representation. Everyone has a spark, but only champions know when to ignite it; if you see Avinav playing in the dirt, you'll know what we are talking about.

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