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Meet Preeti Mallapurkar an entrepreneur turned actor

Meet Preeti Mallapurkar an entrepreneur turned actor

Preeti Mallapurkar is an entrepreneur turned actor from Mumbai.

An extrovert person she was never interested in studying rather was always attracted to extracurricular activities. Being blessed with a beautiful mind and some amazing skills, at the age of 8, she started her first business, opened a small library with her friends for their building kids.

When in college she tied up with a family friend and started an NBFC. This is true that she was capable enough of being an excellent entrepreneur but her passion was in acting. Once during her school, she took part in a theatre camp & won an award. That was the time she realized that she wants to be an actor.

Obstacles are always there in the way of your success. In this case, also there were many hurdles which Preeti had to face. Firstly to convince her parents and make them believe in her dreams. She was only allowed to do acting after completing her graduation. But life had other plans & she was married, had to leave Mumbai & the thought of acting somehow fizzled

In 2012 she started Ardent Staffing which is now known as Workforce Cloud Tech (India). In 2013 she started Earnest HR a skill development company. Once when Preeti Mallapurkar was invited to give a talk to freshers of MBA students in a university, she was talking to them about the following passion & doing things that interest you. While talking to them and motivating them for following their dreams she realized that she herself is not passionate about the work she is doing . She then decided to follow her passion and continue doing what she loves.
She used to give many auditions and also faced a number of rejections but never gave up. She was focused and was determined towards her goals. After giving hundreds of auditions finally she was selected for a film. Unfortunately, she had a tragedy in her family and had to travel overseas. After some time Preeti was offered another film by the same director. Preeti is been appreciated by the critics for her performance.

She Won many hearts and was honored at the 11th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival with the Special Festival Mention award in the year 2021 for her performance in “Ishwari”. Preeti is also awarded the “Tejaswini Award” as a most versatile entrepreneur. We have seen her in many commercials and soon we will be seeing her in many films.

Her upcoming films are
Ranchal- The forest (Hindi)
We look forward to watching more of her work & wish her the very best in her acting career.

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