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Meet youngest Social Media Influencer Anshul Muwel

Meet youngest Social Media Influencer Anshul MuwelMeet youngest Social Media Influencer Anshul Muwel

There was a time when people were known as famous if they come in the newspaper, then the time came of TV. And now in the 21st century is websites and apps turn which decide your popularity. To become famous for the middle class was like a dream even he/she is stylish, entertainer, blogger or anything. But as we say “sabka time aata hai” in Hindi.

The Internet has changed many lives. It has given many top-class influencers worldwide. India too has many faces which are motivating young ones in every department. We recently came to know about young dashing personality Anshul Muwel, and we were stunned after seeing his popularity. It’s like the whole Dhar Dist is a fan. Wow, this lad is seriously famous. He has shown that the best of style is no longer found in glossy magazines. Now we have Instagram, Facebook, which has changed the rules of style, fashion, influencers.

Anshul started with photography than editing, and now he is a lifestyle blogger kind of guy. His every post gives belief to the middle-class guy that he too can be famous one day like Anshul Muwel. He have 10k followers on Instagram and he has verified on other short video app.
There are many factors which are making him one of the top influencer of India on social media accounts. First, to start with, he is having a massive fan following. Anshul Muwel is creative with his work. He keeps quality posts and inspirational too. He remains active and answers to his fans, which is making him more popular in fans.

Anshul Muwel has unique style than others, which is good and making him different than other influencers in the market. His fashion sense is good; it’s like every new post becomes and a new trend in the market. He is building network everywhere in the film industry, fashion work, brands and business people, which is increasing his reach to top people. One thing is sure he is going to be a top influencer in the coming years from India on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Anshul was born on 28March 2006 in Dhar and his age is 16 years old.

Anshul started with photography and editing and now he is a lifestyle blogger. His posts are very much liked by the middle-class people.
In no time Anshul Muwel has become the fashion Icon in Madhya Pradesh. Every Maharashtrian proudly follows his style and shares his every post like crazy.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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