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Monalisa Nguyen talks about maintaining balance between work & travel as a renowned influencer

Monalisa Nguyen talks about maintaining balance between work & travel as a renowned influencer

The work-life balance is the most important aspect of an individual’s life. The day Monalisa Nguyen realized about the work-life balance she decided to embark a journey of travel and explored herself. The American dreamer had a stable desk job but it did not give her the pure bliss. That’s when she decided to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dream of travelling. Travelling with some extraordinary experiences is what she lives for and her goal is to travel across the world with living a balanced life.   

Speaking about the same, Monalisa said, “By nature, I’m someone who has always been fascinated with travelling and with what goes into crafting that flawless guest experience. However, like most people with a job, I was tied to my desk working at a mortgage company with no work-life balance. I felt drawn towards a life of more freedom, less monotony and more meaning.” 

A couple of years ago, she made a shift to her work which offered her less pay and more flexibility. Her decision had a lot of obstacles in her way on a financial basis. However, her perseverance did not stop her and with the support of her loved ones she has achieved the perfect life balance she always aimed for. As of today, she is living her life to the extreme.

The travel influencer feels that the best thing about work-fun balance is that she can juggle between both simultaneously according to her wish. Moreover, travelling has helped her in exploring herself. Till now, she has discovered resorts that showcases hypnotic views, delectable culinary, unparalleled service and once in a lifetime experiences.  Italy, Norway, Japan, Sweden are some of the places she wants to cover by the coming year. Today she is living her dream and she truly describes the phrase “To travel is to live.”

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