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Mumbai teen proves that ‘thinking from your heART’ is the way to go!

Jiya GuptaJiya Gupta

Jiya Gupta, is a 17-year-old artist and academic who studies in Mumbai’s Cathedral and John Connon School. Literally, her name means ‘heart’ and there can be no better way to describe how she thinks! Her work strikes an intricate balance between her brain’s rationality and her heart’s sensitivity, which results in an enviable combination. An aspiring art activist, graphic designer, and Bharatnatyam dancer, she sees the world around her through a psychological and sociological lens. Her mesmerization with the disciplines of art and psychology have fuelled her to engage in numerous projects, which focus on community, creativity, and comfort. It is her belief that a little TLC (Thought, Love and Colors 🙃) always go a long way.

     As the author and designer of her very own published book, ‘What’s on my mind’ A-Z edition, she stirs awareness in her readers about their social and emotional needs. Her debut book through its 26 poems and art-therapy activities presents various relatable topics in an interesting and engaging manner. Finding solace in her poetry, it is evident how she fights each monotonous day armed with powerful phrases and thought-provoking topics. Through numerous other positive reviews on Amazon, it is clear that her journey of self-discovery is helping readers navigate their own identity and place in the world.

Proving that change starts at home with you, Jiya also takes it upon herself to give back to the community in uniquely impactful ways. Her entrepreneurial venture, Artizen- Let Art Be Your Zen, effortlessly combines art, psychology, and business to bring smiles on various faces. It started with her designing personalized cards to spread ‘Covid cheer’, but eventually spread its wings to include personalized portraits on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, phone covers that range from ‘deep’ quotes to Mahbubani paintings, custom envelopes, gift tags, and cloth-bags. The profit from sales of Artizen products go to Kinnari, an NGO that supports the higher education of girls- a cause that is close to her heart. In doing so, her creativity had found an outlet to support over 40 girls in receiving the education they deserve. Artizen has truly helped Jiya break the monotony of lockdowns and home-based learning by creating from her heart and building with her mind!

Her efforts do not end here, but are only strengthened by her social initiative, stART- The Creative Catharsis. Through its interactive programs for children and wellness programs for adults, stART aims to help participants learn, express, explore, cope and most importantly connect with others. The three pillars of her initiative are collaborative creativity, artistic accolades, and intrapersonal interaction. Her curated assignments and activities present themselves as simple, creative exercises aimed to encourage participants to push their imaginative limits. However, their benefit reaps twofold, as with artistic exploration comes experimentation, courage, and much needed conversation.

Overall, she comes across as a tenaciously tireless, intrinsically inquisitive, and compellingly creative teen navigating the intricate balance between her academics and extracurriculars. The beauty of her work, whether it be her book or her ventures, lies in their story. Even her trysts with different artistic mediums and her work manage to beautifully reflect her personality and views. Thus, all her projects stem out of a common need- to make a difference wherever, whenever, and however she can. One thing is for sure, her journey to demystify the dualist mind through color and conversation is just getting started!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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