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Nike, The Brand Is For All

What does a glimpse of a “curved check-mark” strike in your mind?  Well, most of you must be screaming “NIKE”…

Nike, The Brand  Is For All

What does a glimpse of a “curved check-mark” strike in your mind? 

Well, most of you must be screaming “NIKE” like a baby.  And if you did so, you are right, my dear!

The Nike logo is one of the most powerful logos despite being so simple. The enthralling fact behind it is that it is the Greek Goddess of Victory. You must be wondering, How? The answer is the logo itself; the curved checkmark implies her wing, “SWOOSH”.  The design was sketched by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland University.

Twelve years later in 1983, Ms. Carolyn was honored with a gold Swoosh ring with an embedded diamond at a luncheon, besides being given a certificate and an undisclosed amount of Nike stock in remembrance of the Swoosh design logo.

According to Greek mythology, the swoosh is the giver of enormous power and inspiration to the warriors. The story behind the logo makes it an ideal choice for apparel and accessory brand promoting sportspersons.

Moving on to the discovery of the name, the co-founder of Nike Mr. Phil Knight initially wanted to name the brand “Dimension Six,” while ÂPeregrine, and ÂBengal” were some other suggestions given by the employees and managers of the store. But none of them sounded appealing to everyone at the same time. 

Finally, at 7 a.m., Johnson (the first full-time employee) woke up with the name “Nike.” But here comes a twist, as it was 4 a.m. in Portland, so Johnson waited three hours before calling Robert L. Woodell ( The President of Nike in  1983). Also, originally in 1971, it was called Blue Ribbon Sports before being renamed ÂNikeÂ.

According to Sotheby’s, in 1972, “Moon Shoes” was the first-ever manufactured shoe. The shoes were made by the co-founder Bill Bowerman. It is said that the pair was hand-made and Bowerman used his wife’s Belgian Waffle iron as the mold for the sole of the shoes.

The brand even faced rough weather, incurring huge losses, but overcame all the problems like a pro.

Nike has accomplished the title of being a pop culture icon. It is estimated that it rules 60 percent of the market. Today, the estimated revenue of the American Multinational is around 3,435 crores USD.

Kudos to Nike for clearing off the hurdles and standing out successfully!

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