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Nitish Rajput, the famous Digital Social Activist is creating comber on social media through his distinct views on criminals in politics

Nitish Rajput, the famous Digital Social Activist is creating comber on social media through his distinct views on criminals in politics

“We need to comprehend that why candidates with criminal background are getting tickets and endure being the first choice of voters” - Nitish Rajput
Nitish Rajput has become one of the well-known personalities in social media because of his perspective on social issues like the current education system of India, Indian politics, and many more. Recently, his video on the education system of India got viral and creates a wave in social media. Nitish was one of the most vehement speakers in the fable TikTok vs YouTube controversy, and for this, he was also requested as a guest in RED FM 93.5, to give his views.
Nowadays his new video about the dark side of Indian politics is going viral. In his video, he has talked about the problems that Indian democracy is facing. According to him, “India is known for its massive democracy in the world. But in India, crime and politics are so much interwoven with each other than the term “Clean Politician” feels like an oxymoron, a breed that exists no more.”

As stated by Nitish, “In India politicians who have been charged with or pronounced guilty for
heinous crime are five times as likely to win any parliamentary election as compared to the clean
In his video, he has also told us about the current scenario of Indian politics, as specifies by Nitish, about 43% of members of Parliament have a criminal background. While the number might blow up as many politicians tend to be accused with a relatively minor felony like “unlawful assembly” and “vilification”. But the real worry is that the current demography of Lok Sabha MPs has the highest proportion of those with serious declared criminal cases as compared to their antecedent.
According to Nitish, nowadays the number of young people participating in Indian politics is very less only those who are having political backgrounds are participating in politics. In his video, he has raised various questions on Indian politics and as the citizen of the world’s biggest democratic country, we all know that in India everything is associated with politics, whether it is sports, media, education, or anything. Political interference is present in every sphere of our life, and the corruption in politics is striking the very root of our democratic spirit. This dark side of our country’s politics is excavating our country’s democracy from inside. And as a responsible citizen,
“everyone, including voters and political parties, needs to think why.

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