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On the auspicious occasion of Gurpurab, Jazim Sharma humbly presenting the Ode to beloved Guru “Satnam Da Chakar Firaya” (Shabad)

Jazim Sharma, a rising star of the music industry, is back with a divine track which is very close to his heart “Satnam Da Chakar Firaya” (SHABAD) which is releasing on the birth anniversary (Gurpurab) of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Gurpurab is one of the most sacred festivals of Sikhism and to celebrate this joyous festival, Jazim is launching devotional song Shabad as he believes in every moment of our lives, our spirituality binds and unites us all, and gives us the strength to bear the most difficult times and celebrate the happy times.

The divine track is sung by Jazim Sharma with prominent Ragi bhai Satvindar Singh and Bhai Harvinder Singh, written by Bhai Gurdas Ji and directed by Rudransh Sharma. Rupie Sachdeva is the creative Producer of the song and all the shooting has been done in Chamkaur Sahab (Punjab) and Guru Nanak Dwara (America) itself. Jazim Sharma personally went to Punjab to shoot the song and to add the vibes of the place in this divine track. The song is releasing today 29th November 2020 on TIPS record label.

“I’m very thankful to Rupie Sachdeva Ji for all the creative inputs in this divine track”, says Jazim Sharma

“The objective to launch this divine track is a wish to inspire, to share faith and kindness. Today, as our whole world is in turmoil, it is faith that connects us and gives us a reason to keep going”, he further adds

Raised in the rich culture of Punjab, Jazim has a deep-rooted connection with his friends of every faith. He cherishes childhood memories, the atmosphere of brotherly love, where people celebrated each other’s festivals and occasions with great zeal and happiness. Those traditions still carry on today all over in India.

On November 30th, the world joyously celebrates the birth anniversary (Gurpurab) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of Sikhism, and the first Sikh Guru. From a humble and pious family, He was blessed with a loving family and teachers who recognized that he had profound divine knowledge and nurtured his education. By the age of 16, He was fluent in Sanskrit, Persian, and Hindi. An inspiring writer and storyteller, Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent 30 years on spiritual journeys throughout the Eastern world. Accompanied by Bhai Mardana (His childhood Muslim friend), Guruji travelled thousands of miles by foot, from village to village, on a divine mission to share His message of brotherly love, equality, and of One God who resided in very being. His philosophy, with roots in both Hindu and Islamic thought, was embraced widely. He became a beloved spiritual guide for people from all communities and religious groups, and advised them to worship the Eternal Name of God “Naam”, the Absolute Truth, “Satnam”. And so began the cycle of Guruji’s divine mission, the spiritual circle of Love, Humility, and Truth.

Guru ji’s journeys are chronicled in the ballads of renowned poet/scholar Bhai Gurdas Ji.

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