Pooja Kapoor’s amazing endeavour, “K Learning Kid,” is a model of a great e-learning school

K Learning Kid

According to Philip Regier, ” The challenges are there, but they are only temporary challenges. Online education will flourish”.

Digital learning has now become a requirement not only in the lives of students but also in the lives of their parents. Every parent has a right to know what their children are studying in online classrooms and how their educators treat their pupils. Students can engage in social interactions in a neutral atmosphere using digital learning. These skills are extremely important for a child as well as adults to build social relationships.

Pooja Kapoor, the managing director of K Learning Kid, came up with the best idea of learning in a play-way method. Her attention is not only on toddlers’ learning methods, but she also assures parents of their student’s safety and security. Her idea of providing online education is not just limited to the students, she also came up with the best quality e-learning programs on a budget.

She is a graduate in Education from MD University. She also has experience of 14+ years in educating young minds. Over five years, she trained over 1100 people. K Learning Kid has grown into an exceptional e-learning platform for toddlers as a result of her experiences.

E-learning encourages a child’s creativity, which aids in the development of their personalities in the current world.

They have world-class educators who specialize in giving the greatest education possible for infants. The K Learning Kid faculty has a lot of expertise and is well-trained. They look after every kid in their class and endeavor to develop their abilities and knowledge. K Learning Kid is a sophisticated e-learning institution that not only provides top-notch education but also offers affordable learning packages. K Learning Kid offers a variety of learning programs in which they monitor every area of their students’ progress.

“We are creating a most trusted community for educational resources for teachers and parents. We improve the lives of every teacher, parent, and learner with the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive educational resources.” Pooja Kapoor

K Learning Kid has various distinct e-learning programs that enhance the learning skills of a child as well as personality. Their learning programs include wonderfully interesting activities that help a child to learn things in a play-way method.

Their learning programs include Early Education (Pre-School), ABC Program (Nursery), Day Care & After School Program, Tuition Program, Handwriting Program, Holiday Camps, and Daily Schedule. These learning programs are made for its students to build the foundation in toddler classes.

What parents say about their child’s experience;

“My daughter took a week to adjust but soon she was comfortable she started taking efforts for doing homework on her own, she took initiative for having food by herself. Due to medical reasons, we discontinued but she really misses her pooja mam Prerna mam and her sir…” – Priya Kalra

As can be seen, the parents are entirely delighted with K Learning Kid’s services. What more could a parent ask for from a school?

Each learning program has its own set of advantages. These educational programs bring out the best in a child and professionally prepare them for a brighter future. They teach the youngster to be responsible and well-behaved at an early age.

They also provide free online worksheets for the toddlers to improve their class performance. These online worksheets are well-managed and well-designed for toddlers.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

– Pooja Kapoor

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