Presales is an exponential need in digital economy: Pradeep Agarwal elaborates

In a world where everything is equally excellent and backed by technology, the need of the hour is to cope…

Presales is an exponential need in digital economy: Pradeep Agarwal elaborates

In a world where everything is equally excellent and backed by technology, the need of the hour is to cope up with change. Currently, the civilization is at a central point of raging tornado which is quickly evolving with digitization, mobilization, automation, augmentation, and so on. Pradeep Agarwal Oracle, explains the need for companies to focus on presales in the digital economy and how they benefit businesses.

He explains, ÂConsider a self-driving car and a computer that can learn and think. The way we work will never be the same again. Also, if such technologies overtake, the need for upskill would also rise dramatically. Mr. Pradeep AgarwalOracle adds, ÂIt matters how we discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in the face of history. To succeed in a digital era, a company should opt for a technology not just as a support function, but as a strategic competency.Â

Today, this opportunity has been brought forward by the pandemic. Remote working has become a new normal and presales in digital economy has also risen to the occasion. Since running business face-to-face is not an option during the pandemic, itÂs uncertain to say if things will ever return to the way they were, now that we are exposed to a different way of selling. 

Millions across the world are feeling the effects of this outbreak. However, some industries are apparently less affected. Depending on which side of the tech industry they exist, the infectious agent is either a boon or a bane for businesses. Likewise, as people opt to or are forced to stay home, they have turned to apps like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams to connect with their colleagues and other shopping and delivery apps to manage their household work. 

Seeing that the budget has shifted in many cases, sellers realize that greater returns on investments come from allowing people to work from remote locations. A technical seller saves an ample amount of money unnecessarily spent on travel, food, and hotel when dealing from home.

Pradeep Agarwal Oracle believes, to map product value an executive needs a technical seller who is highly informed and proficient in the products and servicing. A presale provides essential details and context on product capabilities, which helps to make the sale. Without presales to provide information, an executive will drown in data. 

Enablement is another important factor that benefits from presales in the digital economy. It arms technical sellers with the latest product and solution information, which makes them more efficient while selling. Improved equipment, assets, and training give them an edge while dealing with the buyers. Retention of presales experts is necessary for companies that look forward to be on top and usher their dominance in the industry. 

Also, buyers play a key role in productive technical selling, while vendors must keep in mind their expectations at the time of interaction. Pradeep Agarwal says, ÂBuyers fall for best offers rather than gimmicks and sales script. A presale professional must be well informed and able to express the product value clearly. Adding to that he says, ÂThey expect vendors to be experts when it comes to time management. Both, the sellerÂs and the buyerÂs time has to be valued. To follow that, they must be proficient in delivering the content when prompted to do so. 

In simple terms, digital transformation is reinventing businesses. Every enterprise must get used to functioning in the digital economy to sustain the competition. It is not just about technology, but also about redefining the entire business strategy and keeping up with the trend. 

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