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Real Disruption in IT-enabled industry through Robotics Process Automation by Anjuum Khanna

Real Disruption in IT-enabled industry through Robotics Process Automation by Anjuum Khanna

Automation is a powerful force that is constantly simplifying the way the world functions.  Automation helps remove redundancy and leads to job satisfaction by eliminating repetitive tasks. With the help of robotic machines, industries have been able to achieve what was humanly impossible. Several industries have been revolutionizing their processes using robotics, including the BPO/KPO industry

Q- Where can we use Robotics Process Automation?
The application of robotic machines or BOTS can be used everywhere and especially in the IT Enabled Industry where we perform repetitive tasks. BOTS can drastically reduce the amount of time taken to perform these tasks as compared to several human counterparts. This reduces the TAT to offer deliverables in a Fintech, Insurtech, EdTech, or even an outsourcing industry and leads to exponential growth.

Q- How does the Robotic Process Automation work?
To be honest like any other code, the bots/Algorithms can be programmed to perform the tasks with high precision, thereby improving the quality of the deliverables. The programs that are used to run these processes are based on algorithms that can be improvised constantly to accentuate Process Efficiencies. This kind of customization leads to reduced complaints, reduce Turn Around Time, and an increase in Customer Experience.

Q - What is the future of Robotic processes or Artificial Intelligence?
Nowadays, robots are not only capable of performing repetitive precision tasks but also the kind of tasks that need decision making based on the available information. This is now possible with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Combining artificial intelligence with robotics has created a new generation of smart robots that are capable of thinking, feeling, understanding, and performing the tasks with their cognizance. These robots are capable of handling complex and challenging tasks in a constantly changing business environment. These advanced analytical skills are speedily closing the gap between the physical and digital world thereby creating a better Physical world.

The only way to survive in the digital age is to master the latest technologies and tools to drive them.

Anjuum Khanna
Works as Head Customer Experience with Mswipe Technologies

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