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Producer Nihar Patel is ready to entertain with three upcoming dramas from "Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharoso Nai Ke" filmmaker

Nihar Patel

Three commercial plays that Nihar Patel, a rising Creative Producer, recently produced will be made available online via a YouTube channel. The main goal of posting these dramas online is to reach Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and other viewers who may watch them at their convenience.


The titles of Nihar's three dramas are "Tran Adi Tili," "Kadki Ma Lagi Gaya," and "ROAD (Par Masti Nathi Sasti)." Each of these dramas has an own plot and appeals to a particular group of viewers.


Two of the three dramas, "Tran Adi Tili" and "Kadki Ma Lagi Gaya," are directed by Henil Gandhi, a notable filmmaker who is best known for helming the Gujarati film "Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharoso Nai K." His skill as a director has given these tragedies a fresh perspective. The third play, "ROAD (Par Masti Nathi Sasti)," is directed by the outstanding Chinmay Mehta, who has established himself as a leader in the field with his exceptional talent and originality.


The choice Nihar made to post these dramas online will turn out to be a wise one. People can now access a variety of content at their convenience thanks to the internet. The demand for these kinds of programmes is growing as more NRIs get interested in consuming regional material. Young producers and directors can use the internet as a platform to show off their abilities to a large audience. The audience for these shows is not constrained to a specific area or nation thanks to platforms like YouTube.


With the increasing demand for regional content and the availability of online platforms, the reach of these dramas is limitless. We hope that these dramas receive the recognition they deserve and pave the way for more such content to be produced in the future.

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