Raising a toast to 3 successful years of The Plug Media with co-founder Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar

Wielding his prowess, Apoorv is determined to create spaces using digital techniques that have an impact in the physical world, enough to instigate a change. India saw over 50,000 startups in 2018. As one can probably predict from this figure, the competition to stay relevant is fierce. In order to thrive in an environment like this, it all comes down to the simple things – unwavering determination, ambitious vision and the will to surf innumerable tides till you deliver the desired result – something that The Plug Media has been doing for 3 years now.

The digital space is the present and undoubtedly, the future. The opportunities are boundless – but only for astute minds. Apoorv Bhatnagar, along with his close friend, Rohit Golia, evaluated the unrealized potential of the Influencer Marketing industry very early on. Placing trust in their diverse work backgrounds and extensive knowledge about the industry, they co-founded The Plug Media – a 360º social media marketing and talent management company based out of Mumbai.

Earlier this week, The Plug Media held a Beach Clean-Up drive commemorating their third anniversary. The beach clean-up drive took place on 14th November 2021 from 4 PM to 6 PM at Juhu Beach. To make this initiative a fun collaboration, some of The Plug Media’s exclusive roster, including the likes of Meghna Kaur, Shivani Singh, Shruti Sinha, Steffi Kingham and Mohit Hiranandani, attended alongside many volunteers.

When asked about his views about the 3 years of The Plug Media, Apoorv said, “The last 3 years have proved to be the most exciting years of my life. When you work in an industry such as ours, you’re living life on the edge. As new experiences greet you everyday, you learn to appreciate all your successes, whether they’re big or small. Though one thing I can say for sure- our biggest win through this journey hasn’t been monetary, it’s been the credibility and goodwill that The Plug Media has earned in such a small time frame. It’s priceless.”

Apoorv has a comprehensive understanding of the industry due to his prior experience with talent management. This helped him garner imperative insights that in turn became crucial while building the foundation of The Plug Media. Apoorv carries a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication that helped him lay the groundwork for his vast network in the industry. Today,  Apoorv is one of the most distinguished names known to be a meticulous creative head and an admirable young leader.

Being an entrepreneur in this day and age comes with an additional set of responsibilities. While the main goal remains unaltered, it has become important to focus on how to give back to society. Wielding his prowess, Apoorv is determined to create spaces using digital techniques that have an impact in the physical world, enough to instigate a change. Not just the anniversary celebration, this has also been reflected in the quality and type of work the content creators exclusively under The Plug Media deliver. Sharing his advice with the young minds that look up to him, Apoorv explains, “In a booming industry, a lot resides on the leader. A leader must have the ability to make quick decisions after comprehensively evaluating a situation. To my belief – to be a good leader, you’ve to be an employee first.”

As the digital industry continues to grow exponentially, The Plug Media hits a new mark as one of the most successful businesses in the country – with over 950 digital campaigns in the bag, its exclusive roster has successfully collaborated with 220+ brands. With two relentlessly driven minds at the forefront of a behemoth business to be, The Plug Media is getting ready to make big waves in the Influencer industry,

As Apoorv Bhatnagar reminisces the extraordinary journey of The Plug Media so far, he shares that the future seems more promising. “While the number of content creators in the market is on the rise, the number of agencies that build a solid structure for the brands and creators are limited. The Plug Media has an incredible roster and a hard-working team. The ultimate vision is to help position our creators’ in a way that they are representative brands of their niche.”

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