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Raj Shamani: That Useless Kid Who Is Now One Of The Top 5 Young Influencers In India

Raj Shamani: That Useless Kid Who Is Now One Of The Top 5 Young Influencers In India

“We all know what to do but still choose not to”, affirms the 22-year old motivational speaker, Raj Shamani.

Keeping this slogan as the motivation for himself, Raj Shamani is currently one of the top 5 young influencers of India. Grew up as a young boy in India, no one ever thought that this so-called “useless kid” will be awarded the “Most Promising Future” amongst his peers.

Dreams Do Come True!

Raj comes out amidst the people who have no great shakes in their lives and are totally unclear about where this life is taking them to. He had dreams but highly vague direction. His thirst for knowledge, travel, learning, and success kept him going no matter how many hardships came his way.

Grades don’t define anything!

Stumbled through his school life, discouraged and disheartened with the frequently called derogatory comments “useless” and “lazy”. Today, he will make you believe in yourself much more than you do and feel special and noteworthy while you experience his journey from being one of those teenagers who are just too lazy to do anything, till such fascinating things he has done in no time.

TedX – The Name is enough

Raj has had three sessions with Ted, first was in Alma mater in India, the other was in the world’s best college for entrepreneurship in Boston, USA and the third was in India’s top Management institute at IIM Ranchi. Raj is one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna. He has been recognized as an “International Keynote Speaker”. Since he realized his potential years ago, he has inspired thousands of people in over 23 countries all over the world.

Founder of Shamani Industries, one of the fastest growing FMCG businesses in Central India, Raj believes in personal branding and social media is a game changer in today’s world and that’s why his mission is to equip people with industry’s best knowledge and help them find opportunities through social media.

From nothing to Inspiration to so many!

Raj Shamani is truly a great example to every teenager in this country. Most of us can relate to his early school life with ours but then he differentiated his path from the rest. Voice with Raj is free, yes free service provided by this excellent speaker. A useless and not so bright kid is now ruling the stages on many global events like representing India in the United Nations summit, which is just one of his many achievements.

Follow what your heart says, Money will follow..

He recently turned down an offer in 2018 to join one of the biggest speaker’s agencies with a very attractive salary. He declined the offer choosing instead to go to small cities in Europe and help teenagers become more confident and self-aware.

Even after having a side family business he mainly wants to focus on making kids feel important about themselves especially in a society that is quick to judge and demotivate young people.

To him what is really important is –

“It doesn’t matter how much money I make or how many cars I have, what matters is how I make others feel about themselves” — Raj Shamani.

For more visit: www.rajshamani.com

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