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"Rap is not just a music its a business which needs proper planning" Says Mack-The Rapper

There was a time when POP was remembered as a new kind of music in India as many prominent star singers like Usha uthup, Bappi Lahiri, Daler Mehndi made that music accessible. Now we see"HIP HOP- RAP" is making their way in B-town from the past decade or so with many talented musicians, singers making loud and grooving music accessible.

With Rap music growing in India and setting a new culture of Music in India, many young talents are trying this field of music, but very few make it count. We know one guy who is slowly making his name count in this field in A list of Rapper, and he is Mack the Rapper from Kolkata.

According to Mack if you want to start Rapping you must be good, and you should be aware of the genre, and you also should be able to remember lyrics in Rhythm that too with music. So try to listen to the best rappers around the world and try to feel it.

Then Mack feels you should read and write. It will help you a lot in this field writing song remembering it by reading is an essential thing in Rap because you have to deal with many words which are a mix of English and other languages and its not easy work to do to be a writer and reader to become good Rapper.

Then try to keep catch name like He has done the original name of Mack The Rapper is Mainak Ganguly. Create your own style will help you feel the music and fans to will enjoy the same.

Last but not list meet people of the same industry, and it's essential, it pays off handsomely. So if anyone planning to launch himself/herself in the Rap world than Mack feels he/she should be good in communication in this field. It will help you learn, and right relationships can give good results too when you are starting a career in this industry don't just take cards to make friendships.

Rap is not just a music its a business which needs proper planning, and above all, you need to be Genius, creative, stylish and crazy for this music to get success like Mack the Rapper.

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