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Raviraj Mishra

Raviraj Mishra – An Author, poet, and storyteller born in Pune, India became an Amazon best-selling author with his book ‘Piece of Poetry: Me & Me’ and rose to fame on Instagram with his poetries about mental health and relationships with oneself. Raviraj Mishra had started narrating his insecurities and mental battles in form of poetry from a very young age even when he was unaware of the technicalities of narrative poetry. 

Raviraj joined blogger as his first attempt to share stories, later using social media and turning his poetry into Instagram posts. In 2019, he started working on his first book – The feeling of Being Loved. A story of a girl named shruti who narrated a part of her life when she was desperately searching for the feeling of being in love. It was the first novella that Raviraj self-published and he wrote the whole book from a women’s perspective.

Later the same year he published the collection of his poetry about self-love and mental health in a book called ‘Piece of Poetry: Me & Me’ which turned into an Amazon best-seller in Kindle version. And meanwhile, at the same time, his poetry -written and in audio on Instagram- was widely loved and recognized giving him more than 20 thousand followers in just a few months.

In 2022, Raviraj Mishra is bringing his new book – Pipe Dreams. A Novel that is a first of its kind wherein the whole story is told in narrative poetry style. The book is designed in a form to give the taste of Poetry and a novel, both at the same time. And to add to the presentation of the story the book is filled with beautiful and meaningful illustrations created by Divya Dixit. “Divya’s understanding about art in its simple form is pure and commendable,” said Raviraj Mishra while talking about the illustrations in Pipe Dreams.

Pipe Dreams will be out soon in all the major stores across the world. The paperback and Kindle versions of the book will be available directly on Amazon. Hoping for this book to be a huge success.

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