Richard Maize: A talked-about real estate investor and entrepreneur of the US.

Richard Maize: A talked-about real estate investor and entrepreneur of the US.Richard Maize: A talked-about real estate investor and entrepreneur of the US.

Richard Maize’s endless optimism, mental fortitude, and passion have thrived him as a self-made success story in entrepreneurship.

Among the many reasons that have allowed a few professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive in their careers across industries, one cannot deny how resilience plays an important role in helping these individuals go from great to greater, even amidst fierce competition in their industries. With resilience, they work around their goals vigorously and determinedly take every step forward to get nearer their definition of success, which is what essentially makes them true-blue professionals and an inspiration, especially to the youth across the world. Acting as one such inspiration in the ever-evolving real estate industry is Richard Maize, who has earned all the success and glory all by himself, becoming a renowned investor and entrepreneur.

However, Richard Maize is definitely more than what meets the eye. It is his selfless acts and philanthropy work that have made him turn heads and how. The MBA graduate from California State University, Northridge always made sure to fearlessly move ahead in the business world as that was where he always wanted to be, and that is how he even became a prominent name in the industry. Also known for his excellence as a financial and investment consultant, the real estate entrepreneur has so far earned massive name and accolades for his astuteness in making investments in businesses. Currently, the property owner in 20 states, Richard Maize, before turning 30, had accumulated 1,000 apartment units. He also invests in films and TV and has a huge hand in philanthropy.

He and his wife are principal officers at their NGO named Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation, and they also partner with various other NGOs and charitable organizations that are focused on initiatives like family services, youth education and development, arts and culture, and social welfare, etc. Even globally, they have tried to make a positive difference by lending support to Israeli institutions and programs, like Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, that provide people with life-saving medical care and research.

Being in the entrepreneurial world for over three decades, Richard Maize, at 68, still takes out time to connect with people on Instagram, endorsing brands and collaborating with several influencers, making sure he grows his own personal brand. Right now, he is a partner in an online PR firm, a distressed assets venture, and also an investor in a local food truck business, besides being an investor in other growing businesses and companies.

You can’t miss knowing more about him, do visit his website,, to know more.

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