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Ridaex Plans To Introduce Cash On Delivery & Cryptocurrency Payments In India

Ridaex Plans To Introduce Cash On Delivery & Cryptocurrency Payments In India

Last week, Ridaex’s CEO Mr.Naveen Srinivas’s unofficial revelation to introduce Cryptocurrency as one of the future payment methods.  Now Ridaex has made a new statement by announcing COD - Cash On Delivery payments all across pan India. 

Unlike all other E-commerce brands, Ridaex was clearly lagging in its Order and Payment options till recent times. If one has to buy a Ridaex Super Smart television, a complete pre-payment of the product value was expected to be paid.

But lately, According to the Ridaex Store site. The brand has collaborated with India's most trusted and tech-savvy logistics company “Delhivery”.   

With this collaboration, Ridaex's new sales are about to be expanded into many folds as per the brand officials.

There was definitely a lack of trust among the unknown customers for the brand since it has a little market footprint. But by enabling the cash on the delivery options. One can place the order with minimum booking payment and sit back, relax. While the product will be delivered by logistic partner "Delhivery".

Talking about the minimum booking payment.  Every E-Commerce across the globe is facing a single major challenge, Fraud orders! 

A user can randomly signup for Amazon or Flipkart in India and place a COD order for an expensive or fragile product. While the E-commerce company, logistic partners work hard to deliver the products on time to the end-user.  The end-user either simply rejects the delivery or stays idle without accepting deliveries.  

These kinds of fraudulent orders will directly affect the sellers and E-commerce brands, which will result in a massive financial loss in operations. These are proven to be taking place in all E-commerce sites.

To avoid fraudulent orders and to implement serious purchase behaviors among the buyers. Ridaex is now ready to accept COD orders with a minimum mandatory payment of Rs.1499 for all of its televisions and higher products. Which seems to be a pretty decent and well-thought COD mechanism. 

While talking about the introduction of cryptocurrency payments. Famous currency wallets such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple are expected to be introduced. Whereas all of these are showing a slow progressive growth after a big fall when the Chinese govt banned crypto mining.   

Yet officially not stated by the brand, There are a number of rumors about the crypto payments accepting after the launch of the upcoming FLAGSHIP Smart TV series " Arya 2 OLED", Which is going to be the most affordable QLED Smart TV in India. 

Meanwhile, Ridaex is the first Indian-based brand to show its massive interest in Crypto payments. 

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