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Rihita Ranjan, guides your stars to success

Rihita Ranjan, guides your stars to success

Most of us go through some of the other issues in our day-to-day life and many times we don't have a clear vision of the right path. That is where interactive divination is getting popular when it comes to shaping up people’s life. In medium class to the upper class, it has gained popularity lately.

Rihita Ranjan is a perfect divine science destination in Pune, India. Rihita is a professional and renowned Tarot card Reader, Numerologist and Healer. Her work focuses on guiding her clients and helping them with effective decision-making based on what's in store for them in the future.

Rihita Ranjan brings in more than 15 years of experience in counseling individuals using empathetic and intuitive skills with the science of Tarot cards and numerology, helping people of various ethnic backgrounds and from many walks of life, all around the globe. She is trained in multiple predictive and healing modalities. Some of these are Dowsing, Astrology, Palm reading, Graphology, and Vastu. She always prefers to incorporate them together to give the best results to her clients and help them achieve their goals. She helps in finding answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances, and more. She prescribes various methods like gemstones, crystals, chanting, Name change, Signature correction, spells, and other rituals to reduce the malefic effects of the adverse situations and convert them in your favor.

Rihita Ranajn is also an energy healer focused on helping others find balance and inner peace via physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. A Reiki GrandMaster, Pranic and Crystal healer has expertise in creating a serene, peaceful environment to help clients eliminate stress, anxiety, and pain. She has treated critical illnesses bringing in better health and improved living.

Rihita has been felicitated many times for her work and for her inspiration. She also has the Global Excellence Award, 2019 for 'Most trusted Tarot card Reader in Maharashtra' in her kitty.

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