Riya Rashmi dash – A Mysterious world of magic and healing

Riya Rashmi dash, a picture of thousand inspiring words and warm poetry itself, she walks on the path of passion…

Riya Rashmi dash – A Mysterious world of magic and healing

Riya Rashmi dash, a picture of thousand inspiring words and warm poetry itself, she walks on the path of passion where the driving seat of it is her confidence and belief in the eternity of powerful words.

Now letÂs enter her Dream World, she has written two solo books named ÂWaiting to exhale and her second book which is a Gateway of emotion & love named ÂMystery of worldÂ.

Mystery of world is a collection of 100 Micro tales penned down with emotions for all the loving souls out there. This book emerges a pandora of emotions altogether for all people who’ve passed through the bitter hardship of happiness. It’s purely on love, healing, magic, hope, and getting broken. It’s all about trusting the universe, trusting in yourself, and how you carry yourself with your magic within.

Now Immerse yourself in this book read to feel and heal with the magic of words.

LetÂs rewind our bus little to know when it all begins, it all started with a rusty notebook and a loving pen, a mind full of thoughts and a will to begin. One poem, Unlimited applauds and thus begins the journey of an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams.

Later on, while pursuing her BBA from KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, she entered the world of words and sow her own empire named ÂOpus Coliseum PublicationÂ, Voyage of 165+ anthologies as co-author,20+ compiled book and has reached to the peak of numerable achievements and milestones has been part of national magazines, featured in author interview featured in Ne8x Litfest2020, part of world record books, etc.

A woman who has been showered with many noteworthy awards such as Being Inspirational Indian Award, Be the Change Awards, Indian Professional Awards, FCP Excellence Award, Kalam Book Of Records Holder, Amazing World of Book Records Holder, Vajra Book Of Record Holder, Sahityakosh Awards, India Republic Awards, Bravo International Holder, Exclusive World Records, Indian Books Of RecordHolder, Achiever Awards 2020-2021, SHE Awards 2021, Most Deserving Award 2021, International Globe Awards 2021 and the list goes on.

Some notable golden highlights we cannot miss on, SheÂs Also Exclusive World Record Holder, Bravo International World Record Holder and India Book of the record holder, been featured in India talks.com, Time magazine, Youstartup.com, UStimes.com, Timesbulletin.com, Vents Magazine.com, Disrupt magazine.com, statsglobe.com, namo times, realpreneur.com and daily hunt who is having a million viewers.

Not only National, she has spread her wings and marking her way internationally, Her writeups have also being published in renowned USPress and her cover page is also featured in the magazine Literary voice. Her interview is also featured in Mt.Kenya Times, Diaspora times, Interview Times, Vibgyor, and hence Riya Rashmi Dash is someone you should know.

Riya Rashmi dash, a true epitome of inspiration, courage, and empowering words.

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