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Rohit Kishnani Talks About His Experience Being Filmmaker And A Producer For Music Videos

Rohit Kishnani Talks About His Experience Being Filmmaker And A Producer For Music Videos

Every filmmaker has got a different vision to make something interesting for their audience. Rohit Kishnani is known for making horror the r genre in Bollywood. He recently hit the headlines when he introduced American backwoods style thriller film in Bollywood titled ‘Kyun: The Killer Night. Rohit along with his brother Rohan Kishnani has been investing in several Bollywood films. The duo has been working for several projects together including a lot of music videos. With having launched more than 10 music videos with Zee Music Company and T-Series, the brothers are making smart investments and producing some really good stuff for the audience. 

While both of them hail from Canada, their roots are from India and they are trying to bring a change in Bollywood with American style films. Moreover, the brothers have two production houses – Rohit Kishnani Productions and RSR Films where they plan to produce a lot of music videos. Some of their best works include a song titled ‘O Jaana’ with music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan which had actress Iqra Aziz in it. The talented brothers have worked with many other renowned singers like Mohammed Irfan, Mika Singh,  Fateh doe, Aishwarya Majmudar among others.

As a producer, Rohit has produced some music videos named 'Pyar Jatt Da', 'So High', 'Lariya Ishq' and many others. His latest work was a music video titled 'Tere Bajon' which was released in December 2019. 'Soniye' and 'Kala Suit' were also released in November last year. While speaking about his experience, Rohit said, “A filmmaker has got his/her freedom to make a film. In these recent years, I have shifted my focus towards making some relevant cinema for the audience and I along with Rohan will soon be working on some films which will be releasing soon."

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