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Sahil Seth advices on the steps to keep safe during Monsoon

Sahil Seth advices on the steps to keep safe during Monsoon

Monsoons have always been friends with Indian farmers and poets. The outpour never fails to sow happiness and harvest in a country like India. However, often the heavy rain and an unprecedented treacherous rainy season lead to an unavoidable cataclysm. Swoon with new varieties of diseases and germs, monsoons are hosts to all kinds of infections. The chances of spreading these bacterias, viruses, and other microorganisms multiply during this period due to the high moisture content in the air. To address all these issues Sahil Seth an officer of Indian Revenue Service, a philanthropist who extend his support to many non profit and non-govt organisation in the field of health and also in art and culture is himself a health freak, led out his speech of remedy. He suggested various cures to such diseases and elaborated the mildness of this season in detail. 

It has not been long since I.R.S officer and Joint Commissioner Sahil Seth has headed as the "Maharashtra Adhyaksh" for International Delphic Council. However, he has started his initiatives already and trying his level best to implement the same. He said "Monsoon is equally a bane and boon to India.  So, to cut off on the bane, it is important to get educated on the same. There are many small diseases that develop during monsoon and avoidance and ignorance of such can lead to major diseases."

The most common are Malaria, Dengue, Jaundice, Cough and Cold, Influenza. So to treat them, effective home remedies should be taken. To treat mosquito-borne diseases, the first thing that should be done is to avoid water stagnancy. That is the breeding germ of mosquitoes. Moreover,  to keep them away mosquito repellants and creams should be effectively used. Bathrooms should be properly sanitized and strict hygiene should be maintained. Personal and environmental hygiene, like carrying sanitizers, hand washes, and more should be a must. Fruit and vegetables should be properly washed and boiled before consumption.  The practice of drinking boiled water should be ensured after a few intervals. Most importantly, a balanced diet should be maintained to keep the immune system strong. Whenever going out, raincoats and umbrellas should always be carried to prevent the catching of cold and flu.

Owing to the contemporary crisis, these things should be followed more strictly. Out of every possible measure, vaccination is of primary importance. Every one of the eighteen and above age group should get vaccinated and children below eighteen should be taken proper care of.  Masks are a must and that should not be an option!

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