SCIENCE BEHIND SUDARSHAN KRIYA (SKY Technique) By Dr. Ayush Chandra, Delhi NCR

This year, the Art of Living (AOL) Organization has turned forty and on the occasion of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji’s Birthday. Dr. Ayush Chandra delightfully explains the Science behind Sudarshan Kriya (SKY Technique).

Dr. Ayush is a practicing Senior Diabetologist & Diabetic Foot Specialist and associated with Art of Living since Last 24 years. Currently he teaches multiple AOL programs from Corporate, COVID Care, Yoga Mediation to Kids Courses in this organization. He says, AOL has worked enormously in over 155 countries to restore peace happiness and this has created a channel for human development. Gurudev’s vision is having a stress free, violence free world irrespective of race, religion and nationality. Sri Sri along with thousands of volunteers has worked remarkably for rural development, river rejuvenation, trauma relief and education of children.

Sudarshan Kriya (SKY Technique) has been the cornerstone of all AOL programs. Over 45 million people have been benefited in boosting their immunity, improving relationship, getting relive from stress anxiety and depression. It’s a very powerful breathing technique which creates a sense of harmony between body, mind and soul. Over 150 + research papers have been published worldwide on effects of SKY. Doctor explains its impact on Endocrinological, Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic effects. It’s absolute safe practice with no side effects

Impact on Endocrine System

Regular practice of SKY results in mental relaxation, stress management & improved organ function. It acts on Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA Axis). Several Blood Analysis shows release of hormones like Oxytocin which creates a Bonding effect. Dopamine, Serotine which acts as mood Stabilizer. It stables stress hormones like Cortisol and ACTCH. Blood LACTATE levels also come down which is a importance marker for physiological stress

Impact on Neurological and Cardiorespiratory System

These specific sequences of varying breathing rates help to improve brain perfusion, decrease heart rate, restores energy and prevent hypoxia. SKY mainly work on Vagal nerve stimulation and its components are:


  • Ujjayi Breath Which has a calming effect and increase respiratory sinus arrythmias (RSA)
  • Bhasthrika Pranayama: cause autonomic sympathetic activation and CNS excitation.
  • Om Chanting increase alertness, synchronisty of biorhythms
  • SKY Technique: shows EEG changes in Beta waves. It helps to reduce daily stress fatigues, improves sleep quality. It strengthens muscle of respiration. Increase lung capacity especially seen in post covid cases

Impact on Metabolic System:

SKY acts as antioxidant, help in reducing oxidative stress. It improves immune system by increasing T lymphocytes. Metabolism parameters like Triglycerides, LDL cholesterol values in lipid profile have seen improvement after regular practice. As it affects the cortisol levels and insulin sensitivity. This has results in improving hbaq1c levels of diabetic patients. Vast number of patients with Metabolic Syndrome, sleep apnea has improved their symptoms with regular practice.

With the ending note, Doctor says SKY has a made a drastic change in his life, awareness, decision making & Social Bonding urges everyone who haven’t experienced this should go for it now.



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