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Self-Made Music Producer Aly Raza Beig Shares His Success Journey

Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs, whether they are shaping around the Sound of other artists album or producing beats or melodies for their projects.

With the growth of home recording technology and boutique recording studios, many producers find themselves pulling double or triple work as studio owners and Sound engineers.

From India to Dubai and Dubai to London, Aly Raza Beig age 19 is creating lots of Buzz for promoting and creating good music with his talent.

Music runs in his blood, Aly Raza Beig was only 12 when he first produce a song. Wow in school when boys don't know how to seat in bench, and he produced a song. It shows his talent and love for music from his childhood.

 Aly Raza Beig is a self-made music producer, he is known as Slapvibe from 2015. Aly Raza Beig is known for producing grooving music. He is expert in Tech House, Techno and Pop music.

Aly Raza Beig was born in the dream city of India - Mumbai and raised in Dubai and now studying in London. Wow, three different places in young age India, Dubai and London. It means he has knowledge of three cultures; surely, it will help in producing fresh music. 

Aly Raza Beig loves to make groovy music which can make people dance on their feet. His primary focus is always on Sound of the music. He knows how to mix up things and make a sound which can be like by every age audience. 

Aly Raza Beig works hard for hours in his office. Don't know he manages things. He is just 19 and managing this much in tender age is commendable. May be his passion and love for music is helping him to push hard for his career. 

Aly Raza Beig feels there is a lot of work that goes into being a producer outside of the studio such as attending rehearsals, meeting, writing, and going out for shows. He is thankful to social media for helping him to connect with more artists than ever. But still, he feels in-person interaction will never be replaced. Half of producing is the music; the rest is sales. 

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