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‘Serving quality food is as equal as worshiping it’, motto of Karan Dutta from The House of Catering

‘Serving quality food is as equal as worshiping it’, motto of Karan Dutta from The House of Catering

To reach the motto in life we all make errors, suffer, and have regrets about the things we all did in the past. But no one is responsible for the mistakes or challenges. None is in control of the day and the destiny. If one wants to change the future, one needs to adopt positivity. The journey of Karan Dutta, owner of House of Catering has been full of struggles until he thought of changing it. Indeed, the initial stages of Karan Dutta were full of challenges and struggles and each night for him has been difficult to survive. Believing that the ones who struggle, achieve great things in their life, Karan Dutta got acquainted with how much effort it requires to do even a small job and therefore considers all of it to be a part of his growth.

He believes, “Making food with love accounts for an automatic increase in its taste. I ensure that my team and I prepare every delicacy we bring to the table with utmost affection and dedication”. For him food is a celebration, he further adds, “Food is a feeling of togetherness, it brings different communities together. For many people, sitting down with their family for a meal is one of the most important activities of the day. As an Indian, we firmly believe that the family that eats together stays together, and mealtime is a strong source of family bonding, talking, and sharing.”

He changed the catering industry in South Asia and had set high standards. Serving people high-quality food was equivalent to worship, and he is in charge of the realm. He considers himself lucky to have gotten acknowledgment for his talents and efforts from well-known figures. He also credits his success to his family’s consistent support, which allowed him to reach his current position.

He gave rise to his business after ten hardworking and struggled years. Karan then redefined the catering sector throughout the region of South Asia. Serving high-quality meals to people is similar to adoration and the man holds the reins in the domain. The company’s major goal was to be ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people.’ They give services that allow them to diversify. “It’s not only about the food,” says Karan Dutta, “it’s about the quality, customization, design, and service they provide to their clients”.

Karan Dutta was born in Amritsar, brought up in Haryana, later he shifted to Chandigarh for a good time which made him realize his love for people, food, and gatherings and so he came up with a unique name called “House of Catering”. Karan Dutta’s motto in life was to achieve all those goals in life which he dreamt of doing. His power to achieve and reach his motto was held too tight, and he never lost hope or failed into the trap of negativity.

Now, his company is known as the most popular catering services company in India. With serving the people with the best quality services and customized items to the clients. His catering service has now changed to a higher standard from a small business to a huge business known as House of Catering.

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