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ShashwatAmrev, a young talent reaching heights, after pushing limits

ShashwatAmrev, a young talent reaching heights, after pushing limits

ShashwatAmrev is the youngest certified forensic expert in india and youngest ethical hacker from Chhattisgarh. He has been in business domain since 11th standard and adding value in people’s lives with his extraordinary business ideas. When Shashwat entered the market, he realized that there were numerous opportunities available, which he could opt for one after another. As it turned out, he did not confine himself only to a single domain.

He instituted 24/7 online services which address technical issues that people come across and named the firm Amrevx. Shortly afterwards, he was declared the youngest certified ethical hacker in Chhattisgarh. As the time went by, he kept on acquiring new skills and sharpening the old ones at the time. He fetched remarkable abilities as a forensic expert and was soon declared as the youngest certified forensic expert in India.

Establishing the first business of his own, he recognized the importance of having a ginormous amount of funds available at hand. So, he opted for stock market and began trading. The stock market is a competitive field and a whole different world in itself, andShashwat thus strived to acquire basic as well as advanced knowledge of the market. He made a foray into understanding how the stock market works. It was not before long that he was able to trade in the live market and obtained significant gains within an hour or two. His investment fetched 30% return, and value of  a few of his stocks turned twice within a month. 300% return in doge coin, and 40% return in dent coin. These figures demonstrate how immense his expertise are in trading.

Trading is the chief source of income to him which enables him to pay to his entire team. He commits  remaining profits to self-education, because that is what has practically taken him where he stands today. He does his utmost to address people’s queries and field each question they come up with, related to either stock market or technicalities of workaday life.

He also joined affiliate marketing and earned sound income from there. The main objective he had two years back was to construct as many sources of income as he skillfully could. Now, he seems to have accomplished most of his goals and looks forward to jotting down new goals in his dream list.

Every Sunday, he conducts a free zoom call in which he interacts with budding traders and enlighten them on the basics of stock market. People join him in the prospect of gaining invaluable insights about the market. All that which Shashwat has by far achieved reflects his laudable versatility. The young talent is still planning on utilising his skills and knowledge in every way possible. He seems to have understood the importance of self-dependence at an early age.

He regularly stays active on his YouTube channels and posts amusing yet informative videos. Persistence and dedication is deeply embedded in his personality, which keeps pushing him ahead and makes him stand out.

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