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Shocking Car Theft incident with Niyanta Sinha in South Delhi

Shocking Car Theft incident with Niyanta Sinha in South Delhi

On July 21st, when Niyanta Sinha was coming back from her office, the theft happened around 7:45 pm, on the main Ring Road between Hauz Khas and Nehru Place just before the flyover. Nobody can imagine that this kind of car theft incident can happen in the middle of the traffic in the South Delhi area.

Niyanta Sinha was coming back from her office in her car. Before taking the flyover, she parked her car for a minute on the side of the road to answer a phone call because the road had quite busy traffic. But she didn't know that to avoid one mishappening, she will get caught in another. As per Niyanta Sinha, one boy came from the front, wearing a white T-Shirt, with long curly hair, broke the car's window with a big stone and snatched her bag from the seat. His other partner was waiting just behind the car on a motorcycle. The man stole her bag and ran to his partner and they both rode on the wrong side of the road towards Nehru Place. The thieves took nearly a minute to do all this that too while she was sitting in the car. The incident was immediately reported by Niyanta Sinha on emergency number - 100 and within few mins police arrived. The FIR has been registered by her at Hauz Khas Police Station.

This incident was quite shocking as it took place in the prime location of South Delhi on a busy traffic road. The matter is currently being taken care off by Delhi Police and Special Task Force and we hope that the thieves involved are caught soon.

Niyanta Sinha is the Owner of Show Time Entertainment & Media and also the Brand Marketing Head of News24 - DIDM. She is also an ex-employee of the Times of India Group.
Despite of being a school dropout, she has been working in the Educational Industry for more than 12 years and has been a Motivational Speaker too. She has delivered more than 50 seminars in colleges across the country. We need women like her to empower women in our city and our country.

Her work demands travelling at any time of the day and if this kind of incident keeps happening during the prime working hours, would women actually feel safe to go out alone? We always talk about safety and security but what would you do if acts like these happen after taking all security measures? It is not about the theft, it is actually about the act that took place. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt but anything worse could have happened. The stone could have hit her head, the broken pieces of the glass could have damaged her. She was lucky this time but if something similar happens again to the next person, is there any assurance that the person would be safe and sound.

The Delhi Police is doing their job fine but is it possible for them to be available on spot always beside each and every person before the crime happens ?? No. Its absolutely not possible.

Such incidents really leave us with this question again … Can women go out for work without worrying about the fact if they would reach home safely or not?

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