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Simran Bejwani, an original singing voice connecting millions with her uploaded reels

“Not all begin big, but they definitely do know how to make it as such.” With efforts and time being put in correctly, they take up the voice to be heard around. When talking about such names, SimranBejwani is one such rising star who strived for her success from a time when she didn't know the proper meaning of it. At the age of 7, this is where it all began for the small-town girl.

Simran, she belongs from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Her voice became sensational as she started gaining attention of the listeners who enjoyed it and appreciated her taking a step ahead. Well, amidst them all, even her parents were huge support as for they knew what this young and talented singer had within. They trusted her and her voice, and well, the journey of her success began taking shape. As of today, she has 180k+ subscribers on YouTube, and through the uploads of original and cover, she has been reaching millions. She has also made some random uploads of reels, including a short cover for Tera hone Lagahoon by Atif Aslam, which went viral. Within 10 days of upload, the voice created a sensation and got over 250k+ likes and a 2.7million plays. Over a hundred people have created the video with her singing audio, and the engagement over the funny and relatable content that she keeps uploading, creates at least 300 to 600k views. For another uploaded singing reel (Jo tuna Mila by AsimAzhar), she got over 115k+ likes and over 1.3 million plays.

Talking about her journey, the above information can already make the people aware of how her voice has been reaching millions of people. The substantial followers she gained within a month of a joining, well, even that was worth watching. She has not just taken over YouTube the sensational voice, but now even the Insta reels have seen much of her contribution. Believe it or not but she is one aspiring youth who is meant to reach around, and the love and support she receives, every like and follows, knows how much she deserves.

Previously at a young age, Simran released her first song with the album that was named The 17 yr old 17 songs, which became such successful that it received 9.9 million views achieving the milestone which it was expected of. While pursuing her dreams, she has been diligent enough, and as of today, she is a verified singer on YouTube and also has a silver button in there. The reward was given to her when she reached 100k subscribers on the channel, and she has been really thankful for the same. Simran was also seen singing along with some of the well-known stars, including BPraak on StarMaker. She has made a lot of collaborations with many companies, including StarMaker, Miniso Japan, and many other brands, which can be seen through her Instagram page.

Simran has been exploring her ways, trying to enhance her passion and her talent, which makes her explore not just different ideas but also different languages and dimensions that come along with the different fields of work she gets associated with. When asked about how she continues along following her singing passion and her education which definitely at this young age is very necessary, she said, “I am trying to be good at what I do. Be it studies of following my passion, I have always been one step ahead of trying things and currently, I am pursuing my education at Amity University trying to get the better results while moving ahead with my passion.”

In simple terms, it has been a journey worth till date for her, and for the future, we can already see how bright things are for her. If only the youth can understand and follow their dreams like her, things really are gonna change. She is a living inspiration for how to get started without seeking permission around. At such young age, well, no one knew she was gonna be a star of her time, but then again, “No one has seen the future, and definitely, one cannot make one unless they give it a try.” Just like Simran didn’t stop, she is truly an inspiration around, and hopefully, there’s a lot to learn from her ahead.

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