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Singer and Musician Vikaas Vishwakarma is creating waves in the Bollywood music industry

Singer and Musician Vikaas Vishwakarma is creating waves in the Bollywood music industry

Vikas Malviya alias Vikaas Vishwakarma is no more a small name in the music industry. With every passing day, he is gaining good buzz around him on social media. Thanks to his cool understanding of music and good voice, he has attracted many brands and celebrities alike to give music and his voice in different commercial ads and musical songs, albums and short films. Vikaas Vishwakarma has been an incredibly talented singer and good in composing music as well along with producing a few of his music albums and songs that have gained a good buzz around him. 

The young musician has few hugely popular songs like Friends Anthem (Yaro Ne Mere Vastye), Pardesi Anthem and Sun Jaan Meri on YouTube. He was able to draw more than 125M + views, 100M +Views and 1M + views respectively on his YouTube channel creating a very good buzz around the media. This attracted a few brands to rope in a music composer and singer for their commercial ads, while for the B Town actors, Vikaas Vishwakarma did give his music for their music albums, short films and other things. These include celebs like Randeep Huda, Suniel Shetty, Hussain Kuwajerwala and others. 

The brands that got attracted towards this young man include HDFC, Edelweiss, Honda, Jet Airways, and UNICEF for their commercial ads along with other brands like Nestle, Titan, ITC, Vistara Airlines, and many more. For these brands, he got the chance to work with some B Town actors like Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Kareena Kapoor Khan working with them with their commercial ads. In this way, he was able to work with top names in the Hindi cinema along with the TV industry proving his mark in the music industry. 

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