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Sirio Berati – The visual artist who visualizes philosophy.

If you are a fan of digital art, you might have heard about Sirio Berati, an Albanian visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. He went viral not long ago for his Game of Thrones manipulations on Instagram, which as well got the attention of the Indian and other international media.

Sirio Berati is a 19 years old Albanian visual artist who introduces us to his own magical world of photo manipulation. His Instagram is full of interesting works that differ from one another, from photography to videography and manipulations. The Albanian-born Canadian-based visual and digital artist specializes in video production and portrait photography. His artworks come with an emotional narrative while Sirio generally tackles the notion of identity and culture.

Sirio’s artistic journey began four years ago when he got exposed to photography and social media. Now, his work is featured on “Vogue”, McGill Tribune and “IMDb”. Sirio shows that these achievements are all the results of constant work, dedication, and passion.

Sirio says imagining the inconceivable fascinates him: “I love to create ideas. I believe that everything in our world, starting from the state we live in, is a consolidated idea. I feel that with my philosophical approaches to manipulation and photography, I can offer something fresh. I can offer a perspective and use my imagination and my platform to influence people in the right way as an artist.”

Sirio’s latest visual works sparked curiosity on social media, specifically because his current manipulations are inspired by the very well-known “Game of Thrones” series. What makes them so interesting is the fact that Sirio, as he claimes, has never watched a single episode of the iconic series, while his creations are a point on. He tries to keep his images simple and natural while it can be noticed that he is a fan of conceptual photography, usually associating his pictures with cold tones and a calm narrative.

Sirio begins to create his philosophical worlds by layering many images on top of one another. He then merges them into one seamless and coherent imaginative creation, while adding and playing with highlights and shadows, correcting colors, and carefully retouching small details to make the image feel authentic. In this way, Sirio's manipulations make you dream with eyes wide opened.

Sirio's work is figurative and abstract, however, the way he approaches digital art though referencing historical events, global issues, and philosophical ideas, reinforces their impact and makes it different from the masses.

Sirio’s work can have different dimensions and vary in context and themes while his artworks mostly are associated with a spiritual narrative.

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