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SKF Event Management’s Live Mata Ki Chowki Marks An Auspicious Start To New Business

SKF Event Management’s Live Mata Ki Chowki Marks An Auspicious Start To New Business

The SKF Group, which began its journey as a financial consultancy in 2013-14, is now ready to bolster its pan-India presence with diversification into sectors like event management. To mark the occasion, the Group is organizing one-of-its-kind Mata Ki Chowki, a devotional evening, which will be streamed live on Facebook, on June 28, i.e., Sunday, 6.30 p.m. onwards. The virtual Mata Ki Chowki will be helmed by renowned artist, Rajan ‘Mini Chanchal’, who is known for his exceptional voice and charismatic stage presence. 

The Mata Ki Chowki also coincides with the auspicious occasion of Ashtami of Gupt Navratri and is also to remember Late Shri Shyam Sunder Verma.

SKF Group Founder, Rajeev Ahalawat, said in a press release, “When complex economic situations arise, like the present one influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes imperative to adopt a positive attitude and handle the constraints effectively. But, we believe in keeping an optimistic approach and are looking at this precious time as a golden opportunity. Now, we are ready to spread our wings and rise high into the sky. We wanted to mark this new beginning by expressing our gratitude to Mata. Therefore, we invited Rajan Ji to offer our prayers to the divine power on the spiritual event. We would like more and more people to connect with us over Facebook live streaming on June 28 and share our happiness.”

In this regard, one of the partners at SKF Group, Vishal Kaul, also informed about the Group’s future plans. He said, “After working hard through the current crisis arising out of Corona, we have now decided to diversify into the following sectors – healthcare and food outlets focusing on Swadeshi cuisine.” They aim to take PM Narendra Modi's vision of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" one step ahead with their moves.

Their exclusive web portal, skfgroup.in shows the existing services of the group, which include the facilitation of business loans, home loans, car loans, etc. The Group’s Founder credits his multi-tasking team for making arrangements of loans for various purposes quite simple for their clients.

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