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Srijita Mitra makes fans go crazy by inheriting the girl next door style & fashion statement!

Srijita Mitra makes fans go crazy by inheriting the girl next door style & fashion statement!

By connecting with various people over a period of time, social media has helped give voice to many people and create useful content. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in particular have helped social media bloggers share their lifestyles and daily routines. Srijita Mitra, one of the top influencers in Kolkata's social media, has established her million followers on Instagram and Tiktok, and has also gained a lot of popularity. Her posts are seen and liked by many people in the world and it is her creativity that has helped her achieve so much success.

Ever since Srijita Mitra started posting on Instagram, she has gained a lot of followers and then realized how much she is liked on social media. So she put in more and effort in creating great content and connecting with her followers. Srijita Mitra was also crowned as "Divine Diva-Face of Kolkata" sponsored by Dabur Vatika. The term "all-rounder" Srijita Mitra was ultimately to play her part. After completing school with excellent grades and breaking into engineering entrance examinations, Srijita Mitra studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at RCC Institute of Information Technology but never gave up on her dream of becoming a fashion influencer while studying.

In the first year of college, Srijita Mitra joined Instagram and started creating content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which was soon filled with likes and comments. This further encouraged Srijita Mitra and she continued to create more content for her audience and was soon approached by many popular fashion and beauty brands for her promotion, such as Daniel Wellington, AND, Brand Factory, Urbanic, Max Fashion, Flying Machine, Sugar Cosmetics, Bollyglow, Lulu&Sky and many more. Srijita Mitra has the distinction of gaining over 415 K followers on Instagram and has become one of the most popular fashion bloggers not only in West Bengal but also in India.

Srijita Mitra is a happy youth who possesses a passion to make her dreams come true, she wants to achieve success in every field, be it singing or fashion. Srijita Mitra is making her dreams come true and is struggling to achieve her goals. She has become a successful social media influencer, a popular Instagram creator, hardworking and inspiring youth, positively influencing her fans and followers. Indulging in creative practices and a healthy lifestyle, she is ready to fly high and reach the heights of success and happiness in the long run, staying connected to her roots and pursuing them with determination.

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