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Strategic tie-ups & Film making foresee exciting growth ventures for Ukiyoto Publishing

Strategic tie-ups & Film making foresee exciting growth ventures for Ukiyoto Publishing

Traditional publishing house, Ukiyoto Publishing joins hands with Singapore-based STARY Pte Ltd. and Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd. (Goodnovel) to bolster growth in new markets, attract talent & quality content and explore pay per view models.

Speaking about the partnership, Tina Xiong, Business Dept. Director of Stary Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), a world leading multiple reading platforms with diverse genres and languages, says, "Witnessing the joy brings to our authors that their works got published in printed books, we look forward to deepening our relationship in terms of quality global publication of diversified language books."

While Ukiyotoaims to blend high-end technology with creativity, Sakshi Shioramwar, Program Director,Ukiyoto(Thailand)remarks, “It is imperative to evolve with technology to provide innovative ways to reach readers and adapt to their needs. Only with such collaboration can we further expand, especially in Asia and Latin America, as well as leverage the opportunities in the global publishing industry that will benefit various stakeholders, from authors, editors, to publishers.”

Over the past one year, Ukiyoto has created a robust supply chain and logistics network to deliver physical copies at any part of the World at the most economical cost. Imagine the shipping cost of a physical book across continents being equal to that of a cup of coffee, how would that be?

As Editor, Claire White from Goodnovel (Singapore) states, "We look forward to this promising collaboration for delivering more quality content and tuning storytelling across working geographies.”

Ukiyoto recently launched its delivery service named ‘Ukiyoto Express’,with seamless cross border deliveries at drastically low rates,to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea&Russia and would be adding further countries shortly. Arjun Chaudhuri, Founder& CEO, Ukiyoto Publishing (India) concludes, “Along with producing quality output, one of our key objectives is to develop a strong global network and make every book affordable at any part of the world.”

Earlier in June’21, Ukiyoto conducted a series of workshops for its authors to have them directly interact with renowned film producers and directors such as ShieladityaMoulik (Bollywood and Tollywood Film-maker, Writer & Producer) and AD Rosales (Technical Director of Chimera Visions)followed by a one-on-one opportunity for engagement with either of them to pitch their stories.  The workshop was attended by authors across the world such as D.S. Pais (Singapore), Shrutidhora P Mohor (India), Imelda Ferrer (Philippines), Megan Sotelo (Philippines), Kiran Hiwale (Japan), Harsh Kumar (India), Debanjali Nag (India), Harish Muralidhar (India), Robert Marsh (U.S.A.), TemitayoKosemani (Bahrain), Christine Musa (Philippines) and Abuzar Tabassum (India).

This was followed by a unique publication & video pitching of stories based on LGBTQ to Malini Jeevarathnam (Director, Ladies and Gentleman), Aneel Laxman (Visual Effects Director, Ra One &EkTha Tiger) and few others.

In July’21, Ukiyoto published best-selling and international award-winning author, Saudamini Mishrafor her book on numerology, Dhi’s Oracle of Numbers for Relationship Guidance.

The same month also saw the release of the gripping horror and mystery thriller, Il Migliore Del Mondo & Other Stories by Alaric Cabiling.

While Sharada Kolluru’scoming of age fiction, Blue Eagle swifts elegantly through July and August, editors call this an absolute page-turner.

The Eyes, a concoction of love and struggle, released byAshim Basnet in July’21 has become the reviewer’s favorite and has already shown some interest with a few producers in the OTTsegment.

While Ukiyoto goes hand picking its authors, the next biggie to watch out for is, the title named SHE by Purva Grover which is slated for release in August. Purva is a Dubai-based best-selling author, international journalist & editor, TEDx Speaker, award-winning playwright & stage director. If you are looking for anon-fiction which is based on ‘feminine experiences’, then SHE is the perfect pick for you this autumn.

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