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Subodh Bajpai: The connoisseur of business funding

Subodh Bajpai: The connoisseur of business funding

Promoting the entrepreneurial and small business community through adequate financing, Mr. Subodh Bajpai, a business funding specialist, stands committed to set the path for a wave of entrepreneurship in the country. While he helps businesses raise funds through private funding on an urgent basis, his persistent endeavors have become instrumental in bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers. 

With his efforts, he is also helping make in India program become a success in the country. Mr. Bajpai helps people find the right person at the right time of need. He is supporting people including political parties and NGOs in their fundraising endeavors and he also helps corporates in raising funds through equity financing.

Subodh Bajpai has already emerged as a savior for hundreds of businesses, helping them tide over the impact of COVID-19 by availing the much-needed finances ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 500 crore. It is through his firm ‘Haitch Holdings’, he holds extraordinary expertise in providing loans up to Rs 5 crore within a few days of receiving requests. 

He acknowledges that the first step towards entrepreneurship is the discovery of a business idea and then getting finance to implement that idea. No new business can sustain and survive without financing. Mr.Bajpai helps such endeavors by arranging funds for them through financing. He also helps NBFCs raise funds for contingency.

Mr. Bajpai says, “I believe in giving wings to stressed corporates start-ups and the emerging entrepreneurs to help them execute their ideas by believing in their business ideas and arranging for the adequate financing for them.”

“If we look at the current scenario the modern-day formal financial systems including banks and NBFCs are governed with their own set of regulations”, he says, adding that the lenders mostly depend on collaterals, referrals or guarantees to reach a lending decision, but due to a lack of any of these, most of the genuine loan applicants get no finances from lending institutions. However, “when Banks Say No, We Say Yes,” observes Mr. Bajpai. 

A dynamic entrepreneur himself, Mr. Bajpai believes in high achievements by supporting grassroots entrepreneurship. He says, “Despite the strides made by the banking and the formal financial sector, India continues to be a credit-starved country as more and more entrepreneurs are coming up with their unique business ideas but most of them remain far from execution due to a lack of funding avenues. I help them realize their dreams by helping them with adequate financing.”

With the aim to support the country achieve self-reliance through enhancing entrepreneurial excellence, Mr.Bajpai is already working on a lot of projects specializing in getting equity to upcoming companies involved in various sectors. 

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