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Susmita Gupta – Founder at Ed Innova is now venturing into the digital news platform Hindustan Pioneer

Indian author and writer Susmita Gupta holds the world record for having published the most books on online platforms. Among her best-selling works is "Life is tough, be tougher" (2022) Was it love or lust? (2021) Unforgettable HE (2021) and To Love that knows no bounds (2020). She won various accolades and recognitions for her contribution to the literary world. In June 2021, Ed Innova was born as a result of her dedication to writing.

Susmita Gupta is a writer who specializes in writing love, romance, and inspirational stories. Her first book is titled "To Love that has no bounds." Her four works had garnered her a loyal following. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and learning new things because, in her opinion, "learning something new every day has a profound effect on one's life."


She works on writing assignments for several of the Big 4 businesses and start-ups. Several of the most widely read national media platforms of India recently acknowledged her and featured her. Despite all, she is a cheerful and humble girl who occasionally exhibits extreme craziness. Susmita earned her MBA from SMU and then pursued her career as an HR professional across various Industries since 2016 until she decided to follow her ambition of working as a full-time writer. She ventured into the writing profession in the year 2021, currently she resides in Noida with her mother and older sister, and is single and unmarried.


Together with owning a content writing and PR Agency in the name of Ed Innova, Susmita is on the verge of venturing into a fashion jewelry brand in the name of Anaghtara. She says “Though our team is small but with a big vision we are looking forward to launching the brand officially very soon.”


Susmita Gupta also owns a news website in the name of Hindustan Pioneer, one of the most spoken digital news platforms that add value and motivation to the stories of all the personalities including authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, singers, and so on from all around the world. The Hindustan Pioneer publishes innovative news articles on daily basis offering everything from sports to the entertainment sector. Susmita, as a digital PR professional, is well-versed in brands and techniques for increasing brand recognition among potential customers. Susmita had accumulated over 1000 clients across India by leveraging her skills and abilities since the inception of Ed Innova.


Susmita’s novel “Life is tough, be tougher” was ranked in #2 best-selling list on Amazon in the Autobiography category.


Learn more - https://www.amazon.com/Susmita-Gupta/e/B08SLL33W9%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share


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