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The Budget Food Challenge by ace vlogger and YouTuber Priyanka Tiwari has made her a trendsetter

The Budget Food Challenge by ace vlogger and YouTuber Priyanka Tiwari has made her a trendsetter

Her 24-hour food budget challenges on YouTube made her a sensational success across social media.

The kind of success and the level of momentum certain industries have gained over the years have stunned people and ignited more motivation in them to take on bigger leaps in their respective industries. Especially when it comes to women professionals, be it as entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, or content creators, it is essential to talk about their meteoric rise in their respective industries. We couldn't go without mentioning the excellence of one such woman who believed in her visions and creative abilities and thus could go ahead in becoming her best version in all that she chose to do in her career; she is Priyanka Tiwari.

Priyanka Tiwari perhaps is one of those few ladies buzzing high in the social media realm whose videos on food have made people fall in love with her. Priyanka Tiwari, who initially rocked the Indian television industry, doing various roles on different shows and channels, turned her path towards the social media world and became a YouTuber and food vlogger with a focus on lifestyle and travel niches as well. The 24-hours Budget Food Challenge by Priyanka Tiwari has earned her maximum buzz and headlines in the industry, making her the trendsetter on YouTube.

She reveals how she would travel every month to a new city and make food travel videos. However, the pandemic came with several challenges, where she had to change the content of her videos and had to make videos from her home. She began by making a few street style food recipe videos, which were very well received by the audiences. Then she started doing 24 hours food challenges, and they were a huge success too.

Priyanka Tiwari's budget challenges, like living on ?100 for 24 hours, were on YouTube trending back-to-back five times, and her video touched YouTube trending #1. This soon attained much momentum and became a trend on YouTube, where others started doing the same. Her one-of-a-kind Budget Food Challenges series began with her videos like "Living on ?100 for 24 hours challenge", followed by ?200, ?50, ?10, ?500, ?250, ?2000.

All her budget food challenge videos have helped her reach the top of the YouTube space; the proof is her growing fan following on social media with 75K followers on Instagram (@priyankaatiwari) and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/PriyankaTiwari.

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